Enter discipleship

Officially made the move to server in the datacenter in !!

Very excited to be off Crystal and have found a new home with wonderful folks.

Thanks to @DonSerrot for the warm welcome right off the bat with the tortise pet and showing me some highlights of the locals around Limsa haha

I will be creating a linkshell for friendly folks who want to chat about game stuff, cats, coffee and other shenanigans! All friendly Aether folks are welcome. πŸ’•

@gothsong @DonSerrot

Congrats!! Lots of good folks there! It’s like my home away from home. πŸ˜€

@mdrabbles @DonSerrot thank you!!! Now to get an apartment set up and have my first ever FF home

@gothsong @mdrabbles @DonSerrot When you set it up, please let us know if you want visitors :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcatbongo: :ablobcatbongo:

@Cai @mdrabbles @DonSerrot heck yes! I've never done any housing before so.. BYOC (bring your own chair) hahaha

@gothsong @Cai @DonSerrot

We’ll manage!! We’re not picky. Heck, we’d even be fine sitting on the floor. πŸ˜€

@lyonsinbeta @DonSerrot thank you so much! Very excited to have this as my new home. ☺️

@BlueMan479 yay thank you! I've met so many wonderful folks here. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy!

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