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OK folks, I need your help!

My friend and I are looking to leave Crystal and find a friendly, safe haven community on a new DC/server. So far Aether is looking good, but I'd love feedback from all you lovely people as we need to pick a server to move to.

What servers are great? What about FCs?

Ideally I'd love a community/discord that is active and chatty and does things together other than just FF. ❀️ We are more social and both newer to the game. Boosts appreciated.

@gothsong Diabolos really sucks the social soul out of ya, doesn't it? πŸ˜‚

(I can say that since I'm a life-long Diabolos resident lol)

Aether is the popular DC for everything, but during expansions it might get congested and have longer queues. But it is a hopping, friendly DC for sure.

Everytime I end up on Primal, everyone there is chill, easy-going and fun.

So I hope you get some good recommendations and find a new home somewhere nice!

@azelma thank you! Yes I've had some bad experiences with people on two Crystal servers now and ready to just start over and not be reminded every time I log in to Diabolos. ❀️


Yeah, Diabolos is just *dead* quiet all the time.

While you're scouting out a new home, I'd say check out The Good Apples - they're a cross DC CWLS/Discord and seem very active last time I was in there (before i did my last bi-annual run-away-from-all-social-circles thing i do πŸ˜… )

So might meet a lot of other friendly players who could give you more recommendations:


I don't have many answers to offer I'm afraid. I joined a small quiet FC with some out of game friends and not really explored the bigger social side of the game. My random interactions with people have all been fairly positive though, and a lot of my Frens are here.

@gothsong I'm on aether - cactuar and I've been very happy. I'm not super social so take this with a grain of salt but I have had only positive interactions with a single exception. And that one negative experience was met with a lot of support and commiseration.

So for an introverted casual it's been great, at least. πŸ₯°

@gothsong Sorry I'm no help - I'm on Crystal and mostly an in-game loner!

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