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I finally made it to Stormblood but damn I am a little burnt out. Time to take a break and try alt jobs, fish and maybe play some other games.

What do you folks do when you're burnt out with a game?

Thank you for all the great advice! <3 There are so many game modes to play and switch gears. Or to just take a break. I am trying to read more heh...

@gothsong Taking a break is definitely key to not burning out! Sometimes I'm not burned out on the game, but I am with the MSQ, so I'll use this time to tackle alt jobs or optional quests I didn't try beforehand. Maybe do some cozy grinding with crafters/gatherers to make gil.

Solo/cheeze dungeons for gear for my alt jobs too is also fun. 😀

@mdrabbles @gothsong This totally, XIV has so many varies content that as long as you keep FOMO at bay you can do tons. Swapping to PVP to get all the frames and glamor.. doing maps with random folks and rerunning dungeons and boss runs to build up achievements...

@gothsong The best thing you can do is pivot to something else. Either try new content as you mentioned, or play a new game entirely.

The biggest advice is seriously not to log in until you really want to.

@gothsong depending on how you’re feeling exactly, either take a break in-game from the MSQ by doing something else (there’s a lot to do that’s not MSQ if you look for it), or just step away from the game completely for a bit. With the exception of limited time events, all the content in FFXIV stays relevant, so it will be there when you’re ready for it.


As for other things to do in game, here’s a few of the options:
- levels another job
- Do stuff in the Gold Saucer
- Do some Frontlines/CC/PvP
- Work on craftering and gathering jobs
- Do optional dungeons
- and more

@gothsong Switch mods, switch games, switch hobbies. Also for my pile of #StardewValley saves, keep notes for "okay what was I working on" later.

@gothsong I hit burn out this past week. So what do i do?

I hang out with you guys :blobnwn:

Friday night on Aether was so refreshing!

That aside, I try new jobs in lower level dungeons, I go clubbing, or check off long term goals like FATE completion or hunting logs. Maybe I might fly around a zone to take in the scenes.

It’s the end game grind that burns me out. So visiting old zones and dungeons / trials from earlier expansions is relaxing and good memories.

@azelma @gothsong

It was super fun! 😀

It was fun helping out with an MSQ dungeon, and then later on doing Prae runs with the both of you!

@gothsong Also a little burnt out after my push yesterday, but I’m 🤏 this close to hitting Endwalker! Think I’m gonna push thru and then take a step back for a bit.

It depends on how close I am to being done with something. I get hyperfocus bad so I tend to push through hard when I'm close to a goal. That's how I leveled basically every melee job. XD

For general toastyness I'll usually step back and catch up on some YouTube. I have a handful of stuff like Minecraft let's play series backlogged that I can spend a day watching to recover.

@gothsong MMOs are endless marathons, so you can burn out at any pace, but you can delay or prevent it by going way slower than you think you should on MSQ. Fish. Craft. Do side quests. Become a triple triad player. Don't play at all for a few days. It's a world to *enjoy* inhabiting so if you're not enjoying it, take a breather. ☺️

@gothsong Hell yeah! Just as everyone says, take a break from the game if you're burnt out. Or if you're burnt from the grind and want to explore something else in the game, go ahead and do so! But most mortality don't feel pressured to play when you don't want to, or in any manner that doesn't bring you pleasure. I took a hiatus and let my sub lapse for like 6 or 7 months once, and the result was that when I was finally ready to return, I had no gripes and no bitterness with the game or community at all, and didn't feel completely behind because I'd missed so much content. The game is thankfully built to take at whatever speed you'd like

(me, 4 or so years in and still in ShB 😂)

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