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Good morning

What does everyone have planned for this fine Saturday?

@gothsong Sprinting my way around the EU FFXIV servers trying to level my alt enough to make my glamour not stinky and maybe get mounts unlocked so I can stop sprinting on cool down. XD

@gothsong Kinda! An EU CWLS is gonna be made in a couple hours and some of us thought it'd be fun to make alts to be ready for EU future stuff.

@gothsong in no particular order: rest, relaxing bath, bike ride, fax in some documents for my new job, clean my office, some NYCC prep.

@LCWebsXOXO That sounds like a lovely and productive day! I may have to copy you on the bath - and lots of epsom salts!


Minor day job stuff: put a web site into "down for maintenance" mode while IT does some DNS updates that will confuse SSL)

Nudge the fictional demons in a fictional San Diego expy to come up with something to do besides just putter around town separately.

Catch up on #LowerDecks and probably some other stuff. Figure out which instance of #StardewValley to fire up for a game week (about 2-3 hours).

@emurphy DEMONS!? Helll yeah. Love me some SDV, great choice. Enjoy!

@gothsong need to log in and get my Cactpot winnings, then buy more tickets before _this_ week's Cactpot.

@gothsong I have no idea. I doubt it, but it's possible. I'm counting anything I get from it, even consolation prizes, as "winnings".

Though one person in my FC *did* win the Cactpot.

@gothsong domestic suburban life, with some video games mixed in at the end!

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