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Sadly had to leave another gaming community today. I spoke up about issues with silencing a female member and it did not go over well. Spiraled very quickly and sad to report I am now guildless again.

Looking for a community that is safe for women and all marginalized voices. I just want to relax and play games with good people in a safe space. ❀️

I play on Crystal DC (Zalera) and on Stormrage (Alliance).

I have transfered to Diabolos server with a couple friends who also left that community. Any FC suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

@gothsong I'm sorry to hear that. I don't play FFXIV, but some people I follow do. Maybe @belghast or @FibroJedi could help hook you up with a guild?

@ElysianThus @gothsong @FibroJedi You'd absolutely be welcome with us, but our FC is not super active. We tend to swell in size during an expansion and then dwindle down to only a handful of folks during the in-between years. I'm not actively playing at the moment myself, but Goth you are always welcome wherever my characters are.

I kinda assume though you are looking for a more active home.

Thank youuu!!! I'm not even sure what I'm looking for right now. Need some time to decompress I think? But typically yes, I enjoy a more active community in general. Not necessarily, large one, I prefer cozy. But I also like to chat on discord throughout the day.
@ElysianThus @FibroJedi

@ElysianThus @gothsong @belghast Not me I'm afraid. I'm in a guild of 3 anti-socials who don't want guild-invite-spamming, hahaha.

@gothsong are you into mythic raiding? I could reach out to my old boosting friends on Stormrage. They're insanely good players but will have strong expectations for anyone on their roster.

@bass I am not that talented hahaha. More social with some mythic+ and casual raiding heh at least right now. I'm kinda scared to get too deep into another community rn πŸ˜”

@gothsong welcome to Diabolos! That’s been my home world since the beginning! We should meet up sometime.

What sort of FC are you looking for?

@azelma hello and thank you! I'm looking for a safe space, as a woman, I've just had so many toxic experiences. And somewhere that doesn't mind me being noobish since once just returning and doing story for the first time. Annnd not too big? πŸ˜ƒ

@gothsong Gotcha! Diabolos is pretty quiet, it seems, most everyone keeps to themselves in the overworld

I find a lot of the 50-100 player FCs who say they are "active" actually aren't and have like 5/80 online during primetime.

Even I've had trouble finding the right FC. The one I'm in now is quiet though if you just want the buffs for you and your friends, might be a good fit

Else I might have a couple possible ones to checkout from Community Finder that I myself have been scoping out, too

@azelma I just found one called Forgot My Lunch <FML> lol I liked the sound of their guild ad on the recruitment discord so I'm giving them a try!

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