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Looking for more πŸ’— been here for about 10 months now, but I want to be more active!

I'm a 30-something Canadian, gothy lady.

I like video games - and more! Occasional

addict and mother of .

Big too and once

Let's be friends!

@gothsong Fellow Canadian nerdy 30-something lady over here! o/ Make sure you follow the #FFXIV and #Frendedex tags for in-game meetups and stuff if you haven't, there are a lot of us out here!

@gothsong Nah it's not you πŸ˜… It's a nonsense word someone made up out of "friend + pokedex" (gotta catch em all) just to informally organize folks on here who play. It's not an exclusive club or anything just trying to make it easier to communicate about in-game meetups or w/e without spamming the real FFXIV tags - and also pretty much everybody has social anxiety / experiences with assholes in video games so I think it's easier to follow the tag than feel pressure to follow/friend strangers πŸ‘

@anarchaeopteryx aw I love that! Will definitely follow πŸ’— thanks for the heads up!

@gothsong Hiya! 50ish Canadian …ex-goth? Demi-Goth? 🀷🏽 I dunno what one calls someone that went from goth to graver (I mean, traitor is right there, but…)

Anyways, ex-pat urbanite now living in Victoria, always up for cat pics & nerding out on fantasy/SF books. Open to/with book recommendations.

@Caution wooo! Love to hear it! Allll the books and not enough time to read hehe

@gothsong If I don’t have 2-3 books on the go (at a minimum), I’m probably in some sort of crisis situation. πŸ˜€

@gothsong πŸ‘‹πŸΌ hello! Fellow witchy bookworm and sometimes gamer (mostly cozy games) with chronic illnesses. I'm in not-quite Canada, about 10 min from Ontario.

@gothsong I cannot imagine playing multiple MMOs simultaneously! What do you main in FFXIV?

I periodically DJ at local goth events in dallas. I shall have clicked on your follow button, I believe.

I’ll even include a flyer for the next event we’re doing

@gothsong gave you a follow.

Metalhead gamer & owner of cats, cast book collection, though addiction is tea since can't touch coffee.


30 something dude that is in the US. I'm also a coffee addict. Espresso is my preferred brewing method. What is yours?


I prefer cappuccino or breve, but I usually make cortado to save cleanup and time making it. The problem with cortado is they are gone in like 2 seconds. I've thought about going the Americano route to get around that.

@chidi_anagonye hmmm I didn't really measure very well. About a double shot and then two part like that of water? Sometimes less.

@gothsong hey πŸ––
Was just curious and checked your blog... Apologies... Gray text on gray background? πŸ€”

Hey there, surly with this introduction you will find more like minded People. πŸ˜‰

What is a BookTuber? πŸ€”

@gothsong Great to meet you! I'm a writer (erotica and erotic romance of the SF, fantasy, and horror flavours under this name, less raunchy SF/F elsewhere).

Also a gamer, currently getting into BSG3, previously obsessed with Detroit: Become Human, No Man's Sky, and Dragon Age (all flavours). Have played Elder Scrolls in the pat but not for a while.

Love cats, sadly unable to have one right now, so worship other people's. Chronically ill with ME/CFS.

@RubyJones helloooo! Nice to meet ha. Hope you enjoy my cat pics. ☺️🀘

@gothsong horde or alliance? I'm looking for people to run mythic+

@gothsong Nice. I pretty much only play horde but thank god for the cross faction changes, my bnet is Khosumi#1805 and I focus on raid / m+ as DPS. Sometimes tank but not yet this xpac

@gothsong Hi there! My name is Vee, and celebrating Video Game Music is my game. Here's what I'm currently enjoying, at the moment! youtu.be/LCUF7LZEyYc

@lordmatt Hellooooo! Mmm the UK I need to come over there. I feel like I belong in the UK for some reason,it calls to me ❀️ greetings! πŸ‘‹

@gothsong You will love it over here. Whitby Goth Festival and the London scene are both worth checking out.

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