Enter discipleship

i guess the demonrats... er democrats sorry, a demon rat sounds like a creature that is badass and gets shit done, which is highly inappropriate, anyway i guess they're finally gonna try and impeach ol donnie and anyway my point is, this is eternally relevant

i know a lot of people like CWing politic's but this is my eternally relevant response to every dipshit thing the democrats do re: donald trump forever

@anna "hell yeah I committed treason" admits angry man on national television who is still not even accused of a crime

@ben in response, the democrats repeal the estate tax

@anna isn't it too late to impeach someone who's about to leave the office in about a year anyway?

Or will this be able to prevent a second term? Hmm... :blobthinking:

@polychrome it will do nothing other than wokescold trump and galvanize his base further

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