Enter discipleship

@hackervoice@mastodon.technology @wolfcoder he runs osx. his keybase device id is "macbookpro" :laughing_lesbians:

@anna @hackervoice@mastodon.technology locked down hardware ransomware aside, these things work pretty well and are useful (especially in academia and education). Had to wait to take advantage of 3 simultaneous sales and discounts to get one though.

@wolfcoder @hackervoice@mastodon.technology yeah but its not exactly the platform of choice for 1337 h1x0rz

@anna @hackervoice@mastodon.technology I might test that. It's been forever since I last did experiments or audits. I've kept telling myself I would make time to learn Python but work keeps taking up the time, maybe this will be a good excuse.

@anna @hackervoice@mastodon.technology *clears throat* uh i mean incantations and scrying. Maybe a bit of divination.

@anna @hackervoice@mastodon.technology haven't even started keeping my own spellbook yet.

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