ok holy shit there is a new twist in the counter.social saga

nani the fuck

hey look a use for my librem account

this screenshot is on counter.social btw :GODLUL:


again, this is on counter.social itself


gonna be fun to watch what happens when jesterman hackershit wakes up after he passed out from pounding off to COPS episodes too hard

oh if you expand @citrustwee 's pigpoopballs image it has a counter.social watermark on it :GODLUL:

yessssssssss i made a bootlicker Extremely Mad. Happy Loyalty Day!

well as a follow up to this amazing thread from yesterday, eugen has been peeking around and apparently jesterman has a bunch of weirdass custom js including one that stores your password in the cookie in plaintext. HACKERMAN

also poor boy was up all night manually de-federating from the Bad instances but didn't fix the glaring loopholes in federation :dvalul:

@doe hackerjesterman is such an unbelievable dipshit who has failed upwards into running a social network to grift gullible libs, its incredible

@anna so, right, if i'm reading right, you can, despite coso saying you can't, go on there and post from other instances?

@doe kind of yeah. like he broke federation by putting a login wall then declared it a feature. but he finally got around to upgrading to 2.8 recently and there's more glaring holes than before, and its possible to get remote statuses into the instance--with mentions of people on coso. but you have to manually load the status into the instance

@doe similarly, you can pull in coso statuses and profiles one by one as well, they just don't automatically federate

@anna oh my GOD

this is just really good and you need to tell me how >:3c

Enter discipleship

@doe did you know you can copy and paste the permalink to a status into the search box to force it to load? apropos of nothing

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