ok holy shit there is a new twist in the counter.social saga

nani the fuck

hey look a use for my librem account

this screenshot is on counter.social btw :GODLUL:

@anna I literally cannot figure out what the fuck he's trying to say here. Not only can I not find the relationship between the two clauses, I can't figure out whether RT is asking his followers to retoot (good!) or reminding them that Russia Today exists (bad!)

Enter discipleship

@robotcarsley i think he's saying he RT'd it but didn't attribute it because he's too hackerman to do attributions. or follow the AGPL

@anna so does that explain why neither "his" nor "this" have antecedents? I presume that they are " Trump" and "a bad thing," but that requires existing knowledge of Jester

@robotcarsley when you're that full of liberal smug you dont have to use correct syntax

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