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remember hes using a dustyass version of mastodon that doesn't send ban messages

he didnt even figure out i was on a vpn he just ip banned me because he's a coward dipshit lolololololololololololololololololololoolololahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha holy shit

apparently he fake seized his own website for le epic trole. wow what a fucking genias!!!!!

Enter discipleship

anyway for those who dont know why i relentlessly dunk on this guy, he's an agpl violating "cyber vigilante" that loves the taste of boot leather who thinks he is a leet hacker but he's more like a total fucking dumbass that thought he was smart to keep ROGUE NATIONS out by requiring a login to see content on his mastodon instance, which completely breaks federation

like if you go to the URL for any given toot it should load the toot, this is how federation works even when the servers talk to each other

but he made it serve up a login form so nobody could see in

then declared this a "feature" and turned off federation entirely lmao

he's made heavy modifications to counter.social and refuses to publish the source, even though Mastodon is licenced under what's called the AGPL or "Affero General Public License" which was created for open network service software like Mastodon, and stipulates that you must publish the source code to any service you run using modified AGPL code

for example, you can see all the witches.live customizations here:


anyway he has this brand of being this cyber vigilante badass that protects 'merica but he's a fucking script kiddie loser that only knows how to code bad PHP (I could never get his COSOPRO payment gateway to load, lmao) and run LOIC or whatever, as well as configure some firewalls

which he did on counter.social to block the rogue nations of russia, china, iran, north korea, syria, and pakistan

like the unironic real reason c.s doesn't federate is to keep the ruskie bots out from other instances that dont block ROGUE NATIONS :GODLUL:

anyway kids remember to stay in school and respect or become humanities majors or you end up like this sad loser that charges people money to send DMs on an extremely out of date, non-federating mastodon instance that only wil wheaton and a bunch of other liberals with extreme amounts of brain worms who thought game theory was the greatest thing ever posted online loves

well i should go to bed, will dream of ponderings on the question of whether or not hackerman was loading shit from witches on the backend to pwn me or whatever, or if he's just a fucking dipshit who didn't break federation completely so it leaks sometimes

actually i figured out: hes a dipshit who doesn't know what he's doing lololololololol

good morning after sleeping on it i realized this whole thing is still fucking hilarious

as much as i enjoy fucking with jesterfuck doglicker, im pretty glad counter.social exists in order to have a place for people like this to be far away from me

@anna as a brain worm I find this very offensive

I wouldn't go anywhere near that instance

@anna your anthropological work on the worst instances of mastodon is truly inspiring

@pig @anna I'm trying to imagine thinking that @-ing billionaires would do literally anything

@robotcarsley @anna bill gates telling his driver to pull over immediately so he can redirect his foundation to cleaning up twitter once and for all

@pig @anna Dunbar's number is real, people absolutely can't comprehend that there are more than a few hundred people in the world

@anna release me from coso immediately you wretch

@toilet i wish i could, i have no idea how your profile got on there

@anna lol what does it even mean? Im federated with coso for some reason?

@toilet jesterdog mcdipwad didn't actually completely defederate and coso is.... leaky

@anna there's something uniquely fascinating about people who felt like they'd unlocked ultimate power by printing "hello world" and somehow never lost that feeling

>only knows how to code bad PHP

and allegedly awful C

@anna I recall seeing a supposed C version of his skiddie DDOS tool on pastebin pastebin.com/raw/MLFs5m1K

@a_breakin_glass ahahahaha i dont know a lot of c but this looks pretty......... fucking basic lmao

@a_breakin_glass like it extremely looks like "here anna you havent done much c++ in a while, try to implement LOIC in C" and id shit that out after a couple of hours

@anna @a_breakin_glass c skill level: he commented out fprintf because he couldn't get it to work, then didn't remove it when he put it on pastebin

@anna @a_breakin_glass OMG he's not even using SOCK_RAW, it's like he's not even trying

@io @a_breakin_glass i thought this was suspiciously high level for C code that is trying to ddos as efficiently as possible

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