@anna don't forget billionaires throwing concerts on the borders and handing white roses to the soldiers there to try and convince them to let the "aid" in

@anna did you make this or steal it from elsewhere bc I just saw it on Facebook and I want to know if this is the second fediverse meme I've seen on Facebook today

@melissasage someone posted it on my discord w/o context then later posted a tweet with it. idk where its from originally

@anna that's fair, I feel like giving a meme attribution in general is a weird thing to do but given that there's at least one toot that's gone viral outside this site I had to check

@melissasage yeah i try to attribute what i can. its good and also like here, if we knew who made it we could trace the origins and figure out how it spread, which is an interesting question id like to know the answer to as well

@melissasage i think mastodon/fedi is on the cusp of being what like, something awful, 4chan, and reddit used to be, where the internet in-crowd hipsters made and posted the stuff that went viral on "normie internet" or whatever you want to call it, its staring to happen

@anna yeah I think so too; I made my first account on social a few years back and it was relatively quiet even there then, but I think that it's probably going to start to enter that part of the social media life cycle.

@anna i wish that image searches were chronologically fine-tune-able enough to at least look for the first public occurrence of an image tbh. We could find it who the very first person was to put comically misspelled impact font text over a picture of their cat

@melissasage quick figure out how to monetize it so we can trick google into making it

@anna writing software to inject current ad overlays into old webpages

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