only quality content on quodverum, no paranoia, just content

@anna imagine how smart theyll feel if they find out this is you

@toilet Like they know? They banned me and unbanned me. I openly taunt the admin. Also my email address is literally my Mastodon at

@anna I got someone from there mad because they were like "you can't silence my opinion!!! I am protected by the first amendment!!" And then I was like watch me silence your voice and opinion by instance blocking you

@anna anna u legally cannot make fun of old people

@citrustwee yeah i use a usable keyboard not one that only has emoji, zoomer

@anna @citrustwee exanding brain meme with qwerty, dvorak and anihortes

@burgin @anna @citrustwee

[MessageEase is] an alternative keyboard that uses a mixture of taps and gestures combined with a radically different keyboard layout designed to speed up text input by minimising the movements typists have to make to reach the keys.

I need this how do I get it. I have tiny thumbs and can never reach the buttons.

@Excuse_haver @burgin @citrustwee it rules. no shift punctuation, you can run it all kinds of sizes and shit, i love it

@anna how do l switch sides? I want the side conumn on the left like you have

@Excuse_haver its left handed mode. heres my settings hex


@buffaloser @lennie @anna finally somethibg the left and the right can agree on.

@citrustwee I don't even understand how it makes sense

@citrustwee but it's not even like an old phone number keyboard, the letter layout makes no sense

@citrustwee @nuttgodd nothing on this web site has made me feel as old as “it’s like one of those old nokia phones”

@anna anna why does your keyboard look like it's As Seen On TV

@anna i've decided that your ability to use and thrive with this keyboard is a demonstration of your powerful witchcraft

@anna I called him a "stalinist jack twitter" for banning libdestroyer420 and he not only banned me but IP blocked me too

@anna What's that keyboard app called?

Like I just use swiftkey but I wanna try something else.

@fun messagease. def check it out it has a learning curve but is very fast once you get a hang of it!

@anna @killeveryhetero messagease is what I call the sky during migration season

@anna @killeveryhetero (also what in the ever loving fuck is with your KEYBOARD ANNA)

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