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u ever think about how our phones and shit are screaming at each other and at the wifi access point really loudly but at a high pitch we cant hear, like, all the time

i think the people who are angsty constantly about wifi radiation signals causing cancer or allergies or whatever think that there's some wacky thing happening but its really just very high pitched screaming and its no different from hearing someone yell constantly except theres no hearing loss because your ears dont pick up the frequency

and yet i find something incredibly magical about the idea that we've created a more overt collective conciousness with just a bunch of high pitched screaming that rules so hard

My co-worker believes in this and it's driving me crazier than any actual RF is driving her.

@Iguananaut "its just screaming sis chill out until i scream for hours straight to demonstrate that you dont get cancer from it"

I mean, in fairness it's not screaming in the same medium (EM field as opposed to air) but regardless it's not giving you cancer.

@Iguananaut these same woo yahoos think magnetic fields help blood flow and/or make you immortal or whatever but when it comes from your phone.... :rolleyes:

She tried to give me a book about it to read. "It's written by a 'journalist', but there's lots of 'physics' in it, you'll see"

@Iguananaut "we're just talking about quantum physics, anyway on to how thinking about stuff you want makes the universe give it to you,"

French people are particularly into this kind of stuff. Many of the pharmacies, and I mean real pharmacies where you get your prescriptions from doctors filled, sell "homeopathic remedies" and it's all completely unregulated, but they do it bc that shit sells.

@Iguananaut @anna and the US too! it's extremely frustrating to walk into a Walgreens and see the shelves packed with unregulated useless shit like Airborne and homeopathic zinc. the profit margins on those have got to be amazing.

meanwhile i can buy like one box of real actually useful Sudafed if i wait in line for the pharmacy, show them my drivers license, and solemnly swear not to make meth out of it

@VyrCossont @Iguananaut yeah like, they put fucking homeopathic childrens cold medicine next to actual cold medicine that actually works in the us and its extremely fucked up

Sure, and every Whole Foods like store sells it too.
But here they openly and loudly advertise it with big neon green signs on pharmacies that say HOMÉOPATHIE

@Iguananaut @VyrCossont i get that people resist change or whatever but how the fuck people think an idiot invention thats literally just water by the same yahoos that brought us "millions of deaths from the black plague" is somehow working medicine is mind-boggling

@VyrCossont Homeopathic zinc confuses me. There’s actual scientific evidence that non-diluted zinc reduces the duration of colds by like a day. They’re so close!

@jamesgecko weirdly enough, both Zicam products and the Walgreens clones contain actual measurable amounts of zinc but are marketed as homeopathic "Zincum metallicum (1X)"

this makes the homeopaths mad https://www.naturopathic.org/content.asp?contentid=198

the Zicam nasal sprays caused permanent loss of smell in hundreds of people, which also makes the FDA mad https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/InformationbyDrugClass/ucm589282.htm but not mad enough to shut down homeopathic products as a class 🤦🏻‍♀️
@jamesgecko http://articles.latimes.com/2011/feb/16/health/la-he-zinc-colds-20110216 the latest batch of study reviews that i could find suggested that many of the previous round of zinc studies were flawed and it probably does nothing

@anna @Iguananaut i learned all of my quantum physics from the 2004 film "what the fuck do we know" produced by ramtha's school of enlightenment

@burgin @anna @Iguananaut I had someone show me that, thinking I would be into it. I felt so bad for them. We didn't even make it 10 minutes

@anna well it's electromagnetic screaming not literally sound

@anna Now I'm wondering if this is why extraterrestrial life would avoid our planet: noisy as fuck.

@Last_Gasp i mean theres plenty of silence to find in space, i think its more likely extraterrestrials would be like "woah how lively lets check that out!"

@anna @Dayglochainsaw this is how I describe airplanes using ADS-B, screaming who they are, where they are, and where they’re going a few times per second

@bonzoesc @anna @Dayglochainsaw wish i had a system like that to remind me where i'm going and what i'm looking for while i'm in there

@anna i do that to my irl friends all the time so its only natural

@anna all up in the airwaves like AAAAAHHHHHHHHH... Much like our human web too, really

@anna if I move my wifi dongle too close to the microphone I can hear it. It's monstrous.

@anna Meanwhile bluetooth low energy beacons are more like a poor lonely pupper that wakes up every five minutes and barks at the door "HEY FRIEN ARE YOU OUT THERE?"

Also insane: half that screaming over wifi, literally nearly half of the shouting is "alright I got that"

@anna you ever think about what a microwave oven must sound like to a wifi card?


@anna I have never thought this, but I just don't know how phones work

It's not a high pitch to hear, it's a violet colour we can't see!

@anna It's a transverse screaming rather than a longitudinal screaming. I've had some long conversations with Nicola Tesla fanboys about this.

@anna that's not how electromagnetic energy works

@anna i cant tell if this is a joke or not aaaaaaa

@anna it's not sound tho!!!! thank god or our pets would go batshit insane!!!!!

@anna The talk between WiFi AP and the phone:
AP: i'm here
AP: i'm here
AP: i'm here
Phone: AP are you here:
AP: yes, i'm here
AP: i'm here
AP: i'm here
AP: i'm here
Phone: send me pics with cats.
AP: i'm here
AP: i'm here
AP: ah.. here is so loud, i can't hear any thing..
AP: i'm here
AP: i'm here

@anna A system that uses actual sound waves would be cool though.

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