Digital super coven of 4,364 witches
Whomstd've inscribed 604,006 cants
Welcome to! Are you a witch? Are you two witches? Do you like spells, and spell accessories? You've come to the right place!


1) This site is for WITCHES ONLY and you are ONLY a WITCH if you decide you are! Wizards, warlocks, and werewolves are fine too as long as you chug a RESPECTING WITCHES potion.
a wrestler drinking RESPECT WITCHES JUICE

2) Feds, cops, abusers, TERFs, and fascists are not welcome here, and can all fuck off and go away forever. MAP/NOMAP are not welcome either, as there are minors and CSA survivors here.
cop car on fire. baileys not welcome.

3) Treat your fellow witches with the utmost respect, and be respectful in how you deal with those on other instances. Of course you may cast dunking hexes on chuds, but please don't interfere with the technical workings of other instances, post "dox," or participate in abuse or harassment campaigns.

This includes "screenshot dunking" which should not be done under any circumstances to anyone on or marginalized people on the fediverse in general.

If you want to set up an automatic crossposter from Twitter or Tumblr to, consider: don't. If for some reason you must and doesn't do it for you for some reason, your crossposter must be configured to post unlisted.


4) We work hard to make the visible fediverse from people who you can trust to engage in good faith, and will defederate people who do not engage in good faith. As such, if you are slighted, please discuss your issues in a mature manner and avoid escalating the situation. We will happily defederate with anyone who responds poorly to de-escalation.

We do not respect the federation of servers that are poorly moderated or in bad faith, and will block any instance that poses a threat to our safety. Please let us know if there are any threats we should be aware of. is run by volunteers and paid for out of pocket. We will handle issues brought to us, but will not always be available immediately, or handle it in the exact way that you want. In neither case--or in any situation, period--do you have license to escalate the situation or abuse others because something is not handled the exact way you want or as fast as you want.

5) To put a finer point on it, we will ban any user for any reason who is not engaging in good faith or causing problems. Nobody is owed the labor of the admins or coven to explain anything in excruciating (or any) detail to someone who is not receptive or only seeking to waste our time and energy.

Also no godsdamned ace discourse. Trying to start it or harassing our coven about it is grounds for defederation. Talking about your experiences as an ace or pragmatic issues of ace inclusion is fine, demanding someone take your particular position lest they be considered a bigot and cancelled is not. Signed, your lovely grey-a admin.

6) This server is located in the United States and thus must unfortunately follow United States law until said state is smashed, so absolutely do not endanger your fellow witches or the coven by posting or engaging in activities on the server that breaks the law. The only exception we might consider to our guiding principle of "no talking to cops" is posting sexually explicit content of minors, which are defined as anyone under 18 years of age.
anime was a mistake

7) Be judicious when posting sexually explicit content. Use proper tagging, enthusiastic consent, and kindness. Please remember that Mastodon is NOT secure for private communication, and admins of ANY server that federates with can potentially see any content you post, including private messages. In other words, don't post nudes or any information you don't want out there anywhere, we cannot guarantee they remain private on this platform. Note that any media uploaded goes to a server that does NOT have any sort of access control and while it's designed to make it impossible to browse through random pictures, anyone with the URL can see it, even if it is sent in a DM or locked message.
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