solstice special celebration: cleaning my room and making sure the very very last things are packed away
is this special to the solstice? not particularly. am i pretending it's a form of worship because i had to do it anyways? yes.

did manage to go out and buy a candle for $1
it's pink and cute

still thinkin about aite

jes channeled

I don't like to post about my faith on here, but I quickly want to quote from the gospel of Gene Ray

"Until you can tear and burn the bible to escape the EVIL ONE, it will be impossible for your educated stupid brain to know that 4 different corner harmonic 24 hour Days rotate simultaneously within a single 4 quadrant rotation of a squared equator and cubed Earth. The Solar system, the Universe, the Earth and all humans are composed of + 0 - antipodes, and equal to nothing if added as a ONE or Entity. All Creation occurs between Opposites. Academic ONEism destroys +0- brain....

jes channeled
jes channeled

if you're not following both this account and @zydrate you're not getting the full jes experience
if you ARE following both those accounts, can i just say i'm so fucking sorry for you

i'm on the fucking verge of driving an hour away to get to an ACTUAL CITY with actual activities

i'm literally googling "fun things" like i'm an alien from a distant system who doesn't understand this human concept of En joy ment

jes channeled

i cannot help but notice you have stopped faving and boosting my posts. Is it... do you hate me now, maybe?

oh my GOD i am SO BORED if i stay in this house for one more second i'm gonna go NUTS
what can i do on the outside world that doesn't involve spending money. please help me budget this my family is starving

i feel like i'm just on the cusp of understanding why every organized witch discord server sucks complete ass and is terrible, but i'm not quite there yet. the answer is barely out of my grasp. hmmm.

rp wank 

rp wank 

rp wank 

not to be a dork on main but i'm currently in a roleplaying discord and i thought the premise was cool at first but then i slowly realized that all the active people are... kinda awful...

jes channeled

good morning tooters dr pepper is the best soda

Hey, Michael! Vsauce here. What if your blood belonged to me, and it knew it?

god anyone else feeling Weird and Strange and Unmoored today

i'm still reading this and it made me cry so please read it

hot dr pepper is when, you take dr pepper right. that drink that's completely fine alone by itself
then you boil the shit out of it
and put a lemon in that fucker
mmm tasty and definitely not an abomination to man and god mm mmm

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