oh hey look a pine
"well, actually, i think..."
oh no, it's an o-pine

Considering all the 80s action movies I saw when I was little, I'm surprised I didn't think people had to be wounded before they had sex.

My only goal in life is to make something so profoundly stupid a mob of learned citizens try to kill me.

(Note: I'm horrifically strong and no nerd can cancel me so I will just flee into the night, most likely laughing.)

@anna I both know you are not lying and that their closest relative is called the Chinstrap Penguin.

it is called gentoo because a gentoo penguin is the fastest kind of penguin

this is real i am not making up things for shitposts

scat, scatological references, genetalia, implied genetalia, restroom issues, gross, potentially lewd, scat play, scat jokes, genital excrement, bodily fluids, childish, do not open if eating, meta, two girls one cup(?), smells, disgusting 

thanks for coming to my ted talk about why we need to rethink a lot of the content warning system

but yeah. we need a prebuilt list of content tags for the most common CWs and you should be able to--and encouraged, when you set up your profile--automute particular tags so they don't show up at all, and auto-hide other tags according to your choosing.

This would greatly help avoid people clicking everything because most cw images are selfies but oops its something not good this time, and help prevent "nocebo" triggers, where people get triggered by the warning itself (when the content might not have otherwise) by allowing for hiding certain things altogether

@recursivesigns : look we're all gonna regret these bezos jokes when his head finally hatches

you know the world would be better off if it was a better place i think

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