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calling physics 'particle lore' and physicists the 'particle fandom'

Elon Musk may not be even a fraction of the genius or human person he thinks he is, but he'll always be the SqUiDlOrD

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I studied molecular astrophysics, so I have a lot of practice thinking in very large numbers and vast orders of magnitude, and these facts still astonish me when compared with everyday things.

Believe me when I say, a trillion is literally an astronomical number, and the prospect of a single human owning a trillion dollars is absurd. We should not live in a world where this is even remotely possible.

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Have you ever carried around a book for years without having read it? I moved across the country twice with this thing, and I'm finally getting around to reading it. It still has the "Property of the (insert rural town here) Library" stamp on the first page from where I got it for like 50 cents because they were getting rid of the ones no one ever checked out.

*shrug* It's okay so far.

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LOL @ my boss getting butthurt with me for being unable to make a meeting that was cancelled the past three weeks in a row because I was having connectivity issues yesterday. Bonus LOLZ that my boss KNEW about the connectivity issues because they were company-wide, but pissed and moaned that I tell her I couldn't make it anyway.

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Keep a notebook where you write down your ideas, inspirations and wishes. Keep reading your old notes and improve upon them.

If something stays on the list for long enough, start working on it: you probably have given it enough thought now and it clearly seems worth it.

I was born on this day 32 years ago during a full moon Saturday, and some people still wonder why I'm a witch, can you believe that shit?

I just received an envelope with a packet of Pop Rocks and a card that says "YOU ROCK" from my employer in the mail, and I just want to point out that this would never have been possible without our glorious national postal service and is more than enough reason by itself to NOT privatize it.

I hate that all the cold-opens on my blog posts these days have been about the world burning. Luckily I have a couple of lighter ideas for a couple of upcoming posts, but it feels like a distraction. I just wish it didn't feel so wrong to write light and fun these days

Did some experiments in Sims 3 today - I swear every time I play that game I find random crap I never knew was a thing.

Went down a rabbit hole of old fandom drama today, because clearly my social distancing is finally getting to me.

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writchcodex channeled

Homeless to sleep 6 ft apart vs. hotels making hearts with the lights of vacant rooms

"Back in the Civil War, they had to play Zelda on oldschool Nintendah. And Link turned to his aid and said, 'how does pizza happen?'"

- my husband, having a stroke

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