Enter discipleship

I used to think there was legitimate uses of cancelling but these days there is absolutely no justification.

If someone is actually an abuser with power, its going to do fuck all to them in the long run.

If you think they're an abuser without power, then why are you concerned?

If you're wrong, you just ruined a stranger's life because someone told you to.

@wolfcoder if you give a structure with rigid rules and customs and a bunch of people trained to act on it in a destructive way it will ALWAYS be hijacked by abusers sooner than later, and be absolutely worthless for what it was supposed to be for in short order

@wolfcoder and regarding Recent Events like for a while i just thought it wasn't clear that i was upset i wasn't notified about the racist and didn't think it was helpful to act like this is twitter instead of @ ing me, but i am increasingly convinced that while a lot of people who jumped on are like that, the people who keep shit going and egg them on ABSOLUTELY knew what i meant and it frightens them, because it removes one of their most powerful tools to control others

@anna I'm mostly motivated to say this because of the Isabel Fall thing. About this, I would've said one blunt paragraph and then blocked it all. You got friends you can be with, forget everyone else.

@wolfcoder yeah like i know it might not have even been about me but it's happening over and over

then craven fucks like contrapoints use the fact that this shit happens to whine about people pointing out on line that they have bad/incomplete arguments and are highly irresponsible with their fanbase

@wolfcoder but yeah like. im here and i run w.l because i want something better than twitter and tumblr where everyone just screams at and beats up other marginalized people to look good. if large chunks of the fediverse and people who i thought were my friend don't feel the same way, they can fuck off. i'm here for people who want to actually build up other marginalized people.

@wolfcoder fear? idk what you're trying to say. i mean i'm still pretty wounded by the whole thing, yeah, of course i am

@anna if it was possible for you to sleep in FF14 I'd recommend that

@anna or if you ever learned Korean you could also try the shitpost in front of a mirror simulator 2020 with me

@anna 나는 조금 한국어 해요. 공부 하고 있어요.

@wolfcoder I think there should be a nuanced peer reviewed process. I have seen fraternities and cult luke groups and even just cliques of friends abuse this, because they can.

I think it's useful sometimes, if you know it's credible.

@Nick_Djinn such a thing is inherently impossible because people don't evaluate the things they see on social media with any rigor, no matter how often you remind them.

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