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The only people who deserve caustic ire every moment of their life are the capitalists at the top. If they're responsible for actual suffering and death, I'd say this is too good for em'

A random FOSS indie dev on the Internet who you don't agree with doesn't. If you're doing it, knock it off with that shit.

I know he chooses to work for questionable companies too, but one doesn't always have a choice in this society when one is expected to work for money to survive.

@wolfcoder the hate on him for like, the eunamoina thing and purism is ridiculous tbh. im glad he practically got to grift the eu for a good chunk of money to eat donuts and explain what an api is to dipshits who will never make anything useful, and like, purism went full techbro AFTER they comissioned him to do the work and also he repeatedly warned them that some of their worst ideas were bad

@anna I'm a lot harder on Eugen than you are and he really is just techbro (and does petty stubborn things), but he still works for us and gave us the foundation to build all our little marginalized enclaves. jack dorsey is crypto fash who retains control, eugen almost literally handed everyone the means of social media. both are techbros but we only truly hate one.

@anna even the leaky pipes problem mastodon has is really just out of eugen's myopia and not intentional

@wolfcoder i dont even blame him that much, activitypub just kind of ran with the dipshit idea that anything public is consent to put it in andy database and index it

@anna I really blame Archive Team and Jason Scott for that. he didn't apologize, just did damage control and is willing to continue his cult of personality. we're going to get another "rogue archivist" coming out of that team in the future I bet.

I think the difference is that I believe eugen is a techbro who wants to listen. I expect someday I won't be able to call him a techbro anymore.

@wolfcoder the thing is, any fedi instance is an indexed database. so the fact that witches posts are on instances we blocked is really fucked up, like there should absolutely be a "you're not allowed to store my content" indication but activitypub all the way down is like "well you can right click and open it in private tab so it cant be helped" 🙄

@wolfcoder admittedly its been hard to explain this to even eugen at times but its still like, this whole stack of shit problem that he can't necessarily solve on his own either

@anna if its relayed peer-to-peer instead of ad-hoc peer-to-peer such that a hosts edit won't work, I don't think there's really a solution since it was designed to ensure the data REALLY survives and is propagated. Kaiini's approach to just obscure everything behind javascript, countermeasures and authentication sounds like the best we got.

@anna the only other approach if we want to maintain compatibility with ActivityPub is to implement a protocol within it where posts can be encrypted and only those given visibility privileges have the keys to decrypt the posts. People on vanilla mastodon will see a bunch of odd posts with a disclaimer letting them know the content is protected.

@wolfcoder even if a system basically boils down to asking nicely and doesn't actually force the respect by some technical means, theres a huge difference between passive surveillance by default (the status quo) and malicious actors having to go out of their way to ignore the request

@wolfcoder FOSS is often a thankless task, especially for the more popular projects. Hackers are typically condemned by all sides and loathed by the mainstream media. This explains why the Linus Torvalds "I don't give a damn" kind of attitude is fairly common. It's a kind of defense.

@bob nobody should have torvald's attitude, its unproductive, abusive, and discourages diversity

@bob and his cult of personality gave birth to the kinds of trash who do things like harass eugen endlessly over software.

@wolfcoder i do agree that gargron gets a lot of shit, but damn if he isn't stubborn

@kaniini yeah he is petty but like most of mastodon is too

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