Rune-enchanted cant

You may wonder how it is possible to be both a wolf and a bunny, but I can explain, I assure you

fedichive, all known IPs 

If you keep burning bridges and leaving at every discourse, you're not going to have any permanent friends.

mastodon/fediverse: the place where you are just a click away from cyberpunk leftwing furries plotting to unionize Walmart.

here's a nuclear, world-ending take: not every difference of opinion or view on the internet has to be taken as a conflict

most of the time you can respond as you would a normal conversation and not assume the opposing party is out to get you

my thoughts on people defederating from witches live 

@wolfcoder @LunaLaviolette What a bunch of goobers, has some of my favorite QTz

my thoughts on people defederating from witches live 

quit worrying about if AI is going to be creating new consciousness

start worrying about AI learning how to enforce things like redlining and the glass ceiling

worry about it because *it's happening now*.

The Matrix is unrealistic because it's a movie where a black man and a woman tell a straight white man that everything he knows is wrong, and he just accepts that.

anti drug psa but its about shutting up about tool

i like how the first page in Wikipedia's "website management" category is "Overselling"

boy ain't that the truth

idea: remake the anarchist's cookbook, but literally, so it's just recipes for vegetarian moussaka and lemon drizzle cake written by masto posters

What am I going to do for my birthday? Sleep probably.

Just joined the 30 year old boomer club a few hours ago and its a full moon today, wonder if that's blessed or cursed.

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