Rune-enchanted cant

Basically the number of senses you have are unlimited so.... you define how your senses
S P R E A D ! ! !
Not a uniform, nor a unicorn sorry kids

Buenos dias, wer ich bin?
Diese Apachen Zikade El Mariachi
du darfst fliehen oder mit mir das Ave Maria singen, egal wir operieren probleme weg mit teppichmesser Klingen also
1337 - 3301

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This is ne hacking this NASA, i think that was astrobiology but if you check my researcher profile and enter nasa in the search field you will find plenty submissions on different sites of the NASA...
I love educating such, they hate me though i think

This is me hacking the NSA and i am not a violator, a joker yes...
I always give them months to fix it.
The NSA took 3 days to fix it and these are ISO standards we follow so nothing related with crime

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Tiny Motors Enable Experimental Piano Performance

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible way to play the piano, [Alessandro Perini] came up with a new one. In this piece, written for the percussionist [Irene Bianco], hand-held motors become a ta…

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When i was a kid my job in school was to defend all weak or victimized from the bully gangs and alone i dared to also face them...
They sent me their big brothers and family, the bullies to hit me in a garage. 20 people in the age 25-45 came to beat me up as 16 yearold and i went a step further and before i went to the hospital judging them i invited a friend to punch me to wasted so they get the necessary reward as punishment and they had to beg me in the end after murder threats did not work to have mercy and they would be deported without my help later.
Dont fuck with us

@the_morrigan look i found @mxbluesky on the way to his gas station roflmao he/it looks older then i thought lol

The latest websites i helped to repair by exploiting them were the european commission, council of europe, nato headquarters, Nasa earth science center, ministry of finance iraq, frankfurter newspaper,central bank of egypt, hugo boss, world health organization world food programme (pending) and the department of general services in california is actually offline because of me, i do not think it is wise to fuck with me because i know all the laws to crack your helmet in doubt, so behave and be gentle, fun is fun, harassment is harassment remember, i am offensive security professional

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Be sure you do not misrepresent your community in the end by just shit posting or slapping your genitals in our faces, some have sex alread IRL and just look to provide a little value, not to rape this

Just got banned on cybre space, so these mastodon instances are the free speech of the future huh...
Guess not for me and im not rowdy i just like black humor god damn it lol

Du trinkst dir, ich schlage vor du tötest dir Mut an, wir schmieren unsere Klöten zur Kriegsbemalung mit Blut an

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AT Keyboard Becomes Child’s Speaking Toy

Just as cats find sitting on a keyboard to be irresistible, so do children find pressing their keys. After throwing some ideas around with other parents, [Peter] came up with the idea of transforming an old AT  k…

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