Rune-enchanted cant

Wingus Dingus is no more! If anyone wants to stay up to date with dingusness then u should follow me here 🧙🏾‍♀️




lils channeled

Un jour, je verrai les mecs cishet autour de moi capter que c'est important de prendre soin de ses amis, que ça demande du travail d'entretenir des relations, que gérer ses émotions c'est aussi apprendre à en parler avec des gens, que mentir et/ou fuir les conversations difficiles, c'est un comportement de merde, que tout faire reposer sur sa meuf, c'est toxique et dégueulasse, que défendre des valeurs féministes c'est pas que des mots.

Mais pas demain, demain y'a CCC/un truc à coder/whatever.

Any reviews on Semra Haksever's Everyday Magic?

The past few weeks have been Supa Supa demanding but I did it!

lils channeled

my witch gf got herself a new book of spells. just saying so you all know not to fuck with me on here

lils channeled

This is why I shouldn't be allowed outside

And I rode in the car with a well known writer and speaker, who also happened to be in a Gucci campaign, and solidly chatted to her about the current socio-political situation in Europe. The wedding was yesterday and I was JUST told who she is

Also I unknowingly complimented an Italian singer on her shoes. Got a pic w her before then being told who she was

I was fine until I saw the 4 of them (parents and 2 kids) walk down the aisle together, I just fell a p a r t

Everything was so beautiful and so much like them

Came back to Rome for the wedding of my host parents and MY GOD I have never cried this much in my LIFE

money, lack of 

money, lack of 

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