the thing about openly identifying as a witch is that i often get lumped in with conspiracy theorists. the spirituality to conspiracy theories pipeline is real, not to mention the overt white supremacy flavour most of them have.

being spiritual doesnt mean critical thinking can be thrown out the window.

i was in a witch groupchat once. ONCE. and i had to fight for my life in there cos i said "archaeological proof" of an "ancient giant race" was bullshit.

@foxen ..the archeological proof that is mammoth skulls of something?

@willowitch not even. just straight-up photoshopped images of skeletons and rock erosion that is somewhat vaguely big footprint-shaped 💀

@willowitch thats what i said too lol like i googled "archeological proof giants" to answer your question and one of the first results was a natgeo article that debunks the claim that natgeo found giant skeletons

@willowitch literally if they spent 5 sec googling it they wouldve found their main "proof" debunked. like how do you manage to believe that

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