Rune-enchanted cant

Fucked up how there does not appear to be a single literature-focused instance in English.

mental illness 

Time to do my revisit of Katawa's been a while. I'm starting with Lilly's good route and will probably at least read her and Rin.

i think it's so lovely that older mountains are smoother and softer. they start angular and brash then they turn into the ground all gentle.

my Model M which I thought I had to get a new cord for (I still probably do) started working again

back in action with my poser-ass setup

Is anyone else finding the scrolling between tabs on Tusky impossible to use?

At this point I'm on here less because I accidentally go to another tab every time I try to scroll.

I remember some drama with fedi android apps at one point, what should I avoid if I'm looking for an alternative?


A Self-Hosted Video Streaming and Recording Server Using Python, Flask, Nginx-RTMP.


mental health 

mental health 

I kinda miss Lilly Satou being my always-avatar that I use everywhere, so I'm back to that now :)

Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding:

ur kid will be fine either way but have you fuckin SMELLED baby formula oh my god please remove it from this earth

Generations are a myth concocted to smother class warfare in the name of generational snobbery.

she didn't know that i enjoyed the taste of radioactive waste

Just updated this one, my favorite books. I feel a bit silly having two Vonnegut books and Hitchhiker's Guide but that's where my head is at right now. There's always room for new things, but I feel much more comfortable with this than I do with my favorite movies.

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Going to post my new favorites charts as I make them. All new ones I make are made using this, which is a huge improvement over topsters:

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