It's ludicrous to let a few rich men kill the entire fucking planet so they can have more money. LUDICROUS.

“If huge cars disappeared, the biggest losers wouldn’t be drivers but carmakers. Some of them have probably been kept alive by the outsized profits from SUVs. If we let SUVs keep fouling the planet we might as well admit there’s no sacrifice we’re willing to make for the climate.”

#TheWarOnCars #suv #suvs #climate #climatechange

Water = climate.
If we fail to limit warming to 1.5° degrees, an increase to 2° will DOUBLE the population vulnerable to water scarcity.


Despite all our accomplishments,
humans owe their existence to a 6-inch layer of topsoil and the fact it rains.

"Redistribution of wealth doesn't work."

"Did the guys with the wealth tell you that?"

There is no moral justification for today’s extraordinary concentration of wealth at the very top.

It is distorting our politics, rigging our markets, and granting unprecedented power to a handful of people.

Wealth creates power; power creates more wealth. It's a vicious cycle.

To #BigBusiness and #TheBillionaires, THIS is #Woke. No kidding they'd prefer you remained asleep. If my business model was burning your children's future to the ground I'd probably prefer you stayed asleep too.

#WokeMeansNotAsleep #IPCC #ClimateChange

This is also why the government assassinates black leaders who unite class across color. They know if we truly united, they’d be toast.


Stop trying to separate race and class. The struggles are intertwined, and the reason we lose is because we separate them

My Dad was born at 300ppm CO2
My oldest brother was born at 311ppm
I was born at 314ppm
My oldest daughter was born at 340ppm
My youngest daughter was born at 371ppm
My youngest grandson was born at 416ppm
It is now 423 ppm

I wonder if my grandson will ever have grandchildren

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #environment #democracy #uk #scotland #usa #canada #australia #politics #nature #vegan #Birds #animals #science

On the latest episode of #ThisIsAmerica, we spoke with a member of the Atlanta Community Press Collective, about how attempts by police to repress the #StopCopCity movement are failing, the recent week of action, and how people aren't backing down.

Plus a discussion on the ongoing banking crisis and what it means for poor and working-class people.

Instead of looking at the stock market or the GDP to measure the health of the economy, we need to look at who owns what.

Over the last forty years, wealth has concentrated more and more at the very top.

"Economic success" shouldn't be defined as rich people getting richer.

If you've followed the movement to in Atlanta, I'm sharing a petition to get the mayor to he signed to destroy 85 acres of forest for cop training. The cops already murdered one unarmed activist down there, they've shown us who they are.

Nothing is more "socialist" than an American bank facing bankruptcy.

Conservation groups sue to stop the Willow Oil Project in Alaska’s Western Arctic

Administration’s environmental review failed to account for project’s full climate impact

On May 1st I hereby pledge that I won't toot anything other than:


I also pledge to boost the toots of everyone tooting #NoWarButClassWar

There's no rich assholes here to stop us. Let's make a statement to the online world that we can organize and nobody's going to stop us. I have nothing to lose. Do you?

Boost this, or repost similar and I'll boost you. Spread the word. May 1st.

Let's begin to #FightBack.

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On Monday, Biden approved a massive oil drilling project called Willow.

The decision was in direct conflict with research that says preserving a safe climate requires no new fossil fuel development.

This was left out of most mainstream news coverage. 🧵

Scientists put a semi-transparent solar roof on a greenhouse, with unexpected results

The crops in the greenhouse with the organic solar roof grew *more* than the crops in the regular greenhouse… the L-glutathione layer blocked both ultraviolet rays that can inhibit plant growth and infrared rays that can cause greenhouses to overheat, causing plants to need more water.

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