false alarm! it was in my pocket 🤦🏼‍♀️

we said our goodbyes and i lost sight of them,,, but ays I went outside they came up to me and gave me a pride flag pin since I can't go to pride this year!
I'm just :heart_eyes_cat_lgbti: :heart_eyes_cat_lgbti: :heart_eyes_cat_lgbti: :heart_eyes_cat_lgbti:

we got into talking and I said that i'm sad that I can't make it to pride but my SO is coming tomorrow to visit
cue gay excitement™

so of course I asked her if she is going to pride
turns out she and her friend just were at vienna pride :gay_as_hell:

I was buying groceries and this girl with a bi flag themed makeup compliments my hair!

in other news! I bought stranger things booty shorts :3

The Fool channeled

two (2) days till aurora arrives and my place still looks like a mess™

I still haven't seen detective pikachu
this is a crime in itself

i'm getting pimples from the heat kill me pls

The Fool channeled

it's not called mutuals it's called friends, you uneducated dickwad

The Fool channeled

Keanu Reeves would've been the therapist I need

The Fool channeled

did my makeup in under 10 minutes
a miracle

keanu reeves is an literal sunshine and deserves the world

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