You know. Haskell is just great. Whoever that that composibility and referential transparency would make a good foundation for a language was fucking right

I wish I were one of those "Professional Anarchists" president trump spoke about, sounds like a kickass job

Being not white, not black, not native and also being mixed and not at all white passing is. A fucking trip. Always is. Especially right now

So... I have a question... I think. I dunno quite how to put it, though, so here goes.
Premise 1: Protests are scary
Premise 2: communication makes protests less scary
Premise 3: centralized networks are massive weak spots
Conclusion: distributed networks to aid in communication. Okay. So, here's my question: does any know of any apps that are free and open source that allow for the creation of ad hoc networks for communication within events such as protests, or for broader use? I know firechat is a thing, and that's kinda what I have in mind, but it's closed source as far as I know

Godot: So far pretty cool. Really slick, fairly intuitive, nice colours

Godot Visual Script: Actual hell. Kinda unstable tbh. Just not a great time all around

Normalize names as forms of personal expression rather that as just 'given'.

Just when I'm starting to really get i3 to where I really like it and it feels like an extension of me being.... Let's try XMonad! Because writing configs files in haskell sounds like a great idea and a very pleasant experience

Does C++ have pattern matching? No. No, officially it does not. Does template metaprogramming let you implement runtime pattern matching for std::variant? I mean. Kinda? If you hate yourself. And don't care about performance, compile times, or your own sanity. But, it works, and actually works pretty well

Chinese is honestly a gorgeous language. The writing system is awful to learn, though. That said... the writing is like. Half the beauty. Ugh. Also, speaking it is like my mouth doing a one-tongue circus, which is fun

Also, I don't actually have any use for "globalist", mostly just a temptations to use "globalism"

In other news. The global industrial food complex fucking sucks. Food sovereignty > food security

I hate how globalism/globalists have become SUCH a dog whistle. Like. Sometimes I want to talk about actual problems that arise from global systems without having do using some unwieldy term like "global industrial _ complex"

I wonder if this be where Homotopy Type Theory comes from. Also fun to note: the path category I mentioned is naturally a groupoid, since the path A->A for every point A is the identity on A and (A->B)o(B->A) = A->A, so every path is invertible

That moment you realize that homotopy between continuous functions kinda looks a HECK of a lot like a natural transformation. Especially since paths in a space naturally form a category with points as objects and paths as arrows. And Especially if we "curry" the homotopy

And never mind trying to pin down what the good is. That's a venture for a whole other lifetime

The eternal question: assuming you have a notion of the good, is the moral action the one that has the best (most good) outcomes, or the action that is in and of itself good independent of it's outcomes?

Reminder from Canada: Try not to speak moistly on other people

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