I don't use "moreover" nearly enough. As a philosophy major, I disappointed in myself and slightly embarrassed. Moreover, I will seek to correct this clear failing

it's nearly 5 in the morning but... Can we just take a moment to enjoy the beauty and grace that is Group Theory? Anyone who hasn't studied group theory is seriously missing out on some of the most beautiful things out there

Y'Know. Socket programming in C is. An experience. Socket programming in C with threads? A special kind of hell.

You know, maybe C isn't all it's cracked up to be. Maybe I like concatenating several strings on one line. Maybe I like things being cleaned up for me on error. Maybe I like dynamically resizing containers. Why do I continue to insist on doing perfectly good projects in C when literally any language would be less painful

Fixed the root motion errors. Made the cube a nice matte green. Totes looks like a lil bouncy slime and is very cute and is very fun to control. Actually, objectively speaking, it's a pretty terrible character controller that feels really rough... But it's just soo cute! I can't be mad at my new slime bud

Also, VS Code keeps crashing NetworkManager (actually, I think it's crashing wpa_supplicant) and I keep loosing wifi because of it. Any ideas?

makes a really cute bouncing cube in unity

Finds out root motion accumulates error really quickly, and can't use bouncy cube with root motion

Is much sad

This is a trying time. For persons and our systems. I suspect that we'll feel ripples from this pandemic for years to come, in the way it affects us socially, politically, and technologically. Don't let this be an opportunity to let those in power further reduce our privacy and liberty in the name of "security". Be vigilant, witches. We saw how the world changed in the wake of 9/11, and what became of those "security" measures. Let's not have a repeat

Everyone I know: Cancel the people who are hoarding supplies during the pandemic to resell them at marked up prices

Me: By wait... how is that inherently different from the way capitalism behaves with respect to all necessary/semi-necessary goods and services?

Hot Take: Justice is about that more that merely a just distribution of resources

In other words, distributive justice sucks

Maybe the Luddites had a really good point all those years ago... maybe we all have lessons to learn from the Luddites

Things I have learned the hard way of over the past couple of days:

  • netctl fucking SUCKS and should never be used to do anything
  • NetworkManager is an ABSOLUTE GODDESS SEND and should be used from the start, no questions asked.

This is no surprise. This is written literally everywhere. The only question is: why did I use netctl for several months???

Here's a take that, depending on which circles you frequent, ranges from lukewarm to hot.

Maybe instead of talking so much about food security, or hunger we should talk more about food sovereignty. Food sovereignty is da bomb yo. We need more of it. Everywhere.

Who has the right to have rights? From whom are you accorded your rights?

Wow. Florida tomatoes SUCK. I was unaware. I am now aware. I am disgusted.

me using javascript be like...

Okay, but what if we pretended it was Scheme and re-implemented OOP using functions and message passing?

Okay, but what if we pretended it was OCaml and used Object.freeze for double-duty in representing Modules and as record types?

Okay, but what if we pretended it was Racket and re-implemented exception handling using user-defined delimited continuations?

The point is, I know javascript too well to use javascript at all anymore, it seems.

Next will be to pretend it's haskell and hijack async/await to implement do notation. Should work, if the Promise monad is close enough to the continuation monad

A take of some temperature, pure theory 

Call me crazy but... I have the insatiable urge, a compulsion really, to release all my creative into the public domain. Or, at very least, with an open source license but... I'd much rather something closer to a publlic domain license (Γ  la CC0). I actually feel compelled to do this, everytime I make something available to the public.

Upgrades linux
Can't connect to internet anymore
Finds out there's a bug in the latest linux firmware, that you just installed, making your wifi card not work
panic intensifies

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