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I think I missed some sort of a scandal, judging by @anna's latest posts. What''s fedichive?

@vika well fedchive doesnt have much to do with the recent drama, is/was just the latest incarnation of the womenamdum spammer. the big drama was over someone screenshot dunking the racist explosion the "astral baby"/king charles iii bodypillow husband person and me not finding out about it for hours and me reacting poorly to finding everyone with an axe to grind talking about how much w.l sucks before i fully sized up the situation. i fucked up but im still not happy i wasn't notified and this was handled twitter style.

@anna ugh what's womenamdum then? so bad that we don't have some sort of chronicle of fediverse stuff so I could just read it instead of wondering what's happening

@vika they're some kid who keeps making weird instances and projects to spam the fediverse, if you've seen that 'never marry american women' spammer or more likely someone making fun of it, that's what that is

@anna never saw it. and please don't refer to such dumb people as kids - 'cause everyone already thinks kids are ALL dumb by definition and that's wrong >.<

@vika its not a pejorative on kids its that he seems very young and immature in how he presents himself and responds to situations

@anna so he's a literal kid, huh... better spend his time studying programming to improve fediverse instead of spamming it... programming's really easy these days. I heard Mastodon's written in Ruby?

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