I think something's wrong with my phone! I tried doing fastboot -w, it's stuck on "Erasing "userdata"" and htop shows fastboot process in D state, meaning uninterruptible sleep... ugh what should I do? will it be safe to disconnect my phone? I don't want to brick my bootloader or eMMC but I don't care about most of the data, I can just reflash it afterwards (I don't care about /system and /data at least)

Enter discipleship

@lynnesbian you seem to know a bit of stuff about android maybe you can tell? >< I'm scared about bricking my phone, I can't buy a new one

@vika that sounds kinda complex... :blob_dizzy_face:

you can generally just reflash from scratch if something like that happens. as long as you can boot your device into download mode, you can recover it, usually with a custom recovery like TWRP

@lynnesbian so you don't think pulling the USB cable outta my phone when it's erasing stuff will brick the flash completely right? I might try this if you can say you're like 99% sure about that

@lynnesbian basically fastboot -w is erase system + erase userdata I think

@vika yeah i don't actually know ;u;

i've never done that particular method before... :s

@lynnesbian YAY I think I haven't bricked it, `fastboot getvar version` responds... well, properly I think?

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