Vika :blobcat: channeled

Wotan appreciates all the birthday boosts.

Even though he's a cat so like, he doesn't know what boosts are.

Or what mastodon is.

Or what the internet is.

Or what a birthday is.

But he appreciates it :blobheartcat:

Vika :blobcat: channeled

interesting fact: when I read my cards to know something about a relationship and get the Tower, something cool always happens. Something awesome and mindblowing.

Vika :blobcat: channeled

depression levels are currently at 49% but fluctuating wildly

(49%) β– β– β– β– β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

Vika :blobcat: channeled

Fave/boost this if you are a girl/girlesque person who:

Likes girls in a gay way
Likes to hold hands with girls
Likes to cuddle girls
Likes to kiss girls
Likes to pet girls
Likes to snuggle up to girls
Likes to lie in bed with girls
Likes to think a lot about girls in a gay way
Thinks girls are cute in a gay way
Is gay for girls

Nobody will know which ^_^

trying to restore device via Huawei's eRecovery as an emergency scenario because I'm not sure what happened... I hope my flash chip is not dead

Vika :blobcat: channeled

Trying another USB cable, maybe that will help

Ugh I hope my phone is not bricked because fastboot is hanging on everything involving writes to flash!!!

Ugh trying to flash system and I think fastboot hanged again...

I'm so scared I'm so scared I'm afraid that if I pull the plug on my phone while `fastboot -w` is running (the PC part is hanged though) I'll brick the flash chip and I don't have the money to replace it because I have no money please help!!!

@lynnesbian you seem to know a bit of stuff about android maybe you can tell? >< I'm scared about bricking my phone, I can't buy a new one

I think something's wrong with my phone! I tried doing fastboot -w, it's stuck on "Erasing "userdata"" and htop shows fastboot process in D state, meaning uninterruptible sleep... ugh what should I do? will it be safe to disconnect my phone? I don't want to brick my bootloader or eMMC but I don't care about most of the data, I can just reflash it afterwards (I don't care about /system and /data at least)

Vika :blobcat: channeled

hey guys it's my birthday can

Vika :blobcat: channeled

hey guys it's my birthday can i get some boosts

Vika :blobcat: channeled
Vika :blobcat: channeled
Vika :blobcat: channeled

hello buds its me, libby, not eve. it has never been my birthday except today. can i get some boosts

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