dnd hot take: medieval england is an inherently boring setting, even if you put elves and wizards in it

@velexiraptor one of the weirdest Doctor Who novels (spoilers for this novel) has them travel to Avalon, a medieval fantasy planet, and The Doctor is being all pushy about how magic doesn't exist, meanwhile there's a god damn dragon.

And then towards the end of the story they find out it's all been caused by microscopic nanomachines that are enforcing a status quo from thousands of years ago when some humans crashed on this planet and used medieval fairy tales as a way to pass the time and they just seeped too far into the public consciousness.

Anyway yeah my point is your point is right: despite this great premise it's only a B-level novel

@velexiraptor agree and i even like the english culture setting but it gets overdone (is overdone) i like using lots of existing world culture for fantasy settings.. its way more fun i wish more ppl did it. requires a lot of research i guess

@velexiraptor If we're going with western history based stuff, I want to do a dnd setting based on the medieval balkans, or possibly like the siberian frontier of Russia during the colonial era

@velexiraptor Might have to honestly do a setting based on the later middle ages like...Holy Roman Empire to the Ottomans stretch. All the wars and interactions and mixing of cultures and religions in that area, with lots of tiny players punching above their weight and millenia of history all around...

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