ok i put my clothes away now im back b cool yall

@velexiraptor I put mine away too.

On the floor.

That's where they go

@The_T see that's my storage system for dirty clothes, if i put my clean ones there then idk what's what anymore

@velexiraptor but srsly: bathroom floor is for dirty clothes, spare room floor is for clean clothes.

I own a dresser but it's been in storage for 4 years and I finally got it out of storage a few months ago and I need to go through all the clothes that have been living in it for 4 years and throw them away or whatever (donate them idk)

@The_T ive got way too many clothes for my current dresser but im still in this apartment for a few more weeks, and ill have to get a new one cuz this one came with the place so hopefully i can shape up then

just gonna pray to the gods of swedish furniture that there's a solution that's convenient and inexpensive

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