Rune-enchanted cant

doing an Event this evening so i have an excuse to dress the fuck up (selfie)

Rune-enchanted cant

my talents lie in two general areas:
mastodon, therefore, is the ideal social network for me

Rune-enchanted cant

hey now that i've moved, maybe ask me stuff? maybe content reqs for my blog? maybe embarrassing personal questions about the sitcom that is my love life?

The stock market measures the amount of money stolen from workers

i s2g im gonna loudly spoil endgame to my neighbor next time they sing off-key so loud i can hear them from my basement room

no one:
not a single soul:
ida at the top of their lungs: 'im gay!'

Everytime a straight cis white male states his political philosophy an angel loses its wings.

tech hiring trends are so weird. lots of companies seem to be trying to hire someone who’s job it is to make sure nobody else in the entire company is building something unethical.

whatsapp has decided this person is “Product Manager, Integrity” (imho it’s more of a program manager thing but frankly who cares)

how incredible to see “integrity” as a product to be managed

I just found out that Dave Rubin is gay, which is further proof for the fact that white cis gays are the straight people of the queer community

clothed but can see tiddy easily. (not intended not necessarily sexy so watch out probably) Show more

the Female Gamer Experience (sorry) is rooting for whatever team has a girl in it, because there’s usually just one

so close to being able to say i'm on break and done with the semester

just one more email

uspol Show more

we need to abolish money and go back to a trade and barter system so that i can pay my tuition in shitposts

leveling 49 charges of "being cute" against my girlfriend

torn between wanting to post spoilers for latest marvel cop-love capitalism wankfest and that id probably actually get cancelled if i did that

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