Rune-enchanted cant

my talents lie in two general areas:
mastodon, therefore, is the ideal social network for me

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

hey now that i've moved, maybe ask me stuff? maybe content reqs for my blog? maybe embarrassing personal questions about the sitcom that is my love life?

me being annoyed with pol stuff and bad rhetoric Show more

Four of the guys standing around the fifth guys' grave, sobbing quietly. They gently place a burger on top of the tombstone.

me being annoyed with pol stuff and bad rhetoric Show more

Me: Toxic masculinity is bad

Gay/bi/trans/q+ men: Yes girl drag those cishets!

Me: gay and trans men can participate in toxic masculinity

Gay/bi/trans/q+ men:

you're not a real tankie unless you own a t-34 and are currently mounting a defense against fascists encroaching on your land

meowth is the only pokémon you can fuck since he can give enthusiastic verbal consent

i'm not being fucking kissed right now and that, is a travesty

slowly excising the last shit from my brain and presenting it to you on a silver platter

so when chinese people make an anime about marx its propaganda but when yankees make hamilton its not

cool cool

@velexiraptor This Should Be The Dictionary Definition Of Coup D'Etats. I Love This

what if

woomy post

but by someone who's never played splatoon

shooting a new government out of a t-shirt cannon at the old government and watching them fight to the death

if you end a word with a vowel im sorry you're a weeb

not gay as in happy but queer as in i have clinical depression

this april 15th please remember to spay (and/or neuter) your taxes!


Terfs: "Trans lesbians are just straight men trying to trick you into thinking they're girls by hiding the fact that they're trans"

Trans girls, wearing trans flag pins and hanging trans flags on their walls and painting their nails trans colors and wearing trans flag knee high socks: "Nice to meet you, I'm Trans!"

terfs: "trans women are just gay men who go through the whole of their transition just to avoid having to admit they're gay"

almost every trans woman i see on social media: "i'm gay. like, really really gay. i'm super super ultra gay"

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