Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

someday im gonna publish a book called Hi Fellow Trans Dykes with the name on the cover in big capital letters and it's gonna be in every fuckin bookstore

the pages are just my phone number, email, discord, and mastodon, and the words "call me"

Rune-enchanted cant

Hi Fellow Trans Dykes table of contents:
- why gender is such a raw deal and yet being a girl is rad
- you're actually super hot, trust me on this
- list of trans crowd funds you should donate to if you have stable income
- girls,,,, pretty
- fashion tips from me, a girl who hates dresses
- a crossword that's just transfem inside jokes
- it's ok to not (some shitty stereotype about trans women)
- 20 page rant about cishet bullshit
- ok but seriously call me, or at least follow me on mastodon
- girls!!! pretty!!!!

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

my talents lie in two general areas:
mastodon, therefore, is the ideal social network for me

Am I one of Mastodon's Top Posters?


But do I have a core group of die-hard mufos that love and support me in everything I do?

Also, no.

But there's a handful of you that laugh at my dumb jokes and I love you for it.

oh lol its working now im just an anxious impatient bitch

- I messed up.
- I had a lapse in judgement.
- My sincerest apologies.
- Yo, you right. My b.

I promise you, this is a thing that works if you actually try it.

it has the whole list, it just won't move to the bit where it lets me compose a message

like it has the list, it just won't stop "your followers are being fetched"

how long is the mass follower dm supposed to take to get my follower list? cuz it's just stuck and loading

1999 was a good year to be born because if I had been born 5 years earlier I would have been a burnt out gen-x Democrat and if I had been born 5 years later I would have been following a million xenophobic YouTube channels by the time I was ten

@wandrew [clicking]

🎵 how does a horny, catholic, rich kid, born to wealth and status
grow up to have his head blown off in dallas? 🎵

when will my gf return from the war


forcibly ejected from autofellatio club for having all of my ribs

the real drama i want to deal with tonight is whether or not kiki delivers this pie before it gets cold!

I just think it's important to remember that behind all these avatars are real people, and that inside of them are skeletons

this one doesn't even need to be copypasta edited from the original it just stands on its own

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