Rune-enchanted cant

Pride look test run! (selfie, no ec, boost to give me the self-esteem to actually wear this out of the house)

Rune-enchanted cant

my talents lie in two general areas:
mastodon, therefore, is the ideal social network for me

the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun

It will be funny when Jordan Peterson winds up dying alone, in poverty, and of a preventable illness like every other rightwing philosopher

man there’s so much content that just becomes so unwatchable once you become a leftist

boost if you think there should be a software license equivalent to open source except rigorously banning any sort of commercial, military, or government use

Gothhhh pic of me 

the word precum suggests the existence of a more elusive and mysterious substance, “postcum”

im a strong independent ĩ̴̢̩̬͆̃́͒̾n̵̪͑ͅs̵͖̼̭̋̄̈́̈́e̴̞̘͔̣̣͑r̷̢̼̬̄̎̾̆t̵̞̗̊̓̈́̏̈́͑ͅ ̸̭̜̞̰̔g̵͚̮̒́͗̿͠ę̷̥̄͆͗́ͅṉ̷̛̫͕̑͌̍d̵̙̺͚̬̽̆é̷̱̈́̿͠r̴̟͓̈́̽͜ and i have the workload to take her to go to bed with my asshole

has anyone ever created a good term for gnc kids? gender creative, gender independent, gender diverse... all of these sound like they were invented by/for cis ppl to reassure themselves that their kids are gonna grow up nice and cis like them

the free market sucks and interfering in it is good actually

(slamming desk, J. Jonah Jameson voice) PICTURES OF
b u f f g i r l s

I think this has been done before BUT a world where the superhero/villain scene is a kink thing. Traditionally, the hero is the top and "wins", though "gritty" pairs with villain tops are more common these days.

you support the exploitative ruling class without owning any capital of your own? Ngl that’s pretty cringe bro smh

Epic mustache bacon funnymen beat out the tumblr uwu smol beans! Can't believe there's MISANDRY on the fediverse

adding “cishet” to the official list of slurs next to “billionaire” and “terf”

Isabelle says “Your womanhood is still valid, even if you don’t have a dick” :animal_crossing:

When two women love each other very much, a black cat shows up and moves in to their house. It’s science, or witchcraft; one of those.

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