Rune-enchanted cant


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Every word in this fucking book you wrote is like the textual equivalent of a fedora you dancing little puppet

Rune-enchanted cant

to all of my new followers. i am sorry for existing

Rune-enchanted cant

watch me throatfuck this mcchicken while simultaneously crushing sargon of akkad's skull under my steel toe boot., the only thing i am wearing

My new gab alternative: free speech but there are unblockable sissy hypnosis videos put into every part of the site

Hello fellow Witchers(tm) I am the NSA agent assigned to your website. Please punch me in the face and have sex with my wife while I watch

when you see the word "boi" do you pronounce it like boy or bwah, like "dubois"

Clout Strife :vf: channeled

vile shitpost 

I am not tooting while driving, I have been at acomplete stop, do not worry

If you could not tell I was nearly slammed into at a red light going through this hell neighborhood

Can't wait for a SUV to slam into me t-boning me instantly killing me with 3,000 lb of pressurized force as millions of children fresh from soccer practice feed on my broken form burning in the wreckage

Oh hey look at Karen driving in from her 3pm appointment at the Mayo convention with her 15 Anglo-Saxon children ready to burn down another neighborhood in gentrify it oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I can handle driving in big cities and populated areas and everything like that, but driving in suburbs makes me unreasonably fuck ass angry

Clout Strife :vf: channeled

A dude said a slur around me and i said "no" and he turned to me and was all "yeah sorry that was uncalled for" and then i slapped him, immediately turning him into the crystal from Lost

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