Rune-enchanted cant

CWs that help me personally 

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

hello it's me again, moving to witches for the passum emojis (no seriously)
Genderqueer, autistic, witch of Gaelic, Germanic, and hillbilly traditions. Herbalist, garden designer, native plant enthusiast. Trying to heal myself from this toxic whiteness and assorted other mental illness. I post my feelings, which are mostly :420: and being pissed off about suburbs and corn monocropping.
Kill your boss and plant trees with me. Many gods, no masters :invertedpentagram:

These white people are practicing jumping and clicking their heels in line at the panda express send help

Dammit I'm going to move again. Sorry y'all.

As my granny would say
Some of y'all are just gettin too big fer yer britches

I'm very tired but I love y'all please remember that taking care of ourselves and taking care of others are not mutually exclusive goals


Even better... what if both ppl are wrong

:possum_rawr: hawþorn :possum: channeled
:possum_rawr: hawþorn :possum: channeled

Contemporary US artist Harmonia Rosales's re-imagining of #Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' entitled 'The Creation of God' #womensart

Lewd, rude 


Not lewd but enjoy this yeehaw selfie, eye contact 

:possum_rawr: hawþorn :possum: channeled


:possum_rawr: hawþorn :possum: channeled

Your daily reminder that my instance is open and good

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