Rune-enchanted cant

Reintroduction for advanced age

I'm toilet, i'm a 20 year old nonbinary person studying chemistry at university. Interested in gaming, metal, science, food / other mind altering substances, politics and podcasts. :bisexual_flag:

Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

What did i have pinned last time... boost any of my posts unless stated otherwise, send me cool ass pictures of wizards (only ones you could imagine seriously wearing a pointy hat with stars on it), send me music especially powerful vocals or lyrics or drums and i think that's about it

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Good morning fuckers im ready to destroy something

okay i've decided that i'm turning off all of the free ebooks bots (that i host) in 72 hours. for the 5.5% of you who pay for yours, nothing will change, except they might reply a bit faster.

so what are your options? well:
- you can do nothing, and have them disappear. i'll be able to restore them if you decide to pay later.
- you can host it yourself. i'll give you the login credentials and the necessary files.
- you can find someone else to host if for you, either for less money or for free. i'm sure someone else is willing to do this for you.

here's a link to the tutorial on hosting the bot yourself:

wearing an unironic fanny pack to assert dominance

(cw selfie ec) 🔁🆗

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giving my dog testosterone shots so he won't turn into a soy cuck

I asked in a discord channel which adventure time character im most like and literally everyone independently said peppermint butler

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Scaly dinosaur purism is comicsgate *retreats back into oracle cave for 1000 years*

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