Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

#IRC of #mozilla will be shut down. Bye bye to all the other 4190 users.

girls who listen to the song from the opening scene of blade got the best pussy

On my TL, I shape tweets, crafting hot takes as I please. If I wish, I can post it all. Around me is a burgeoning empire of brand engagement. From my throne room, lines of power careen into the void of cyberspace. My tweets will become lightning bolts that emphasize the ignorance of humanity. Out of the chaos, they will fav and retweet, praying for me to end their tedious bigotry. I am empowered with this vision. Woke: the title suits me well.

damn i guess when it turns out that everybody RPs being ultra woke and perfect all the time it creates this bizarre culture where everyone actually has to be that or every little thing becomes a Huge Transgression that must be subject to a peoples tribunal where your peers are all incapable of functioning outside of their online fantasy world

mastodon is cool because its userbase is primarily people who were too sensitive for twitter but as a side effect that also means that it consistently produces drama equally as hilarious as tumblr's greatest hits. lol @ the phrase "human sacrifice take situation"

shout out to the cute cook who likes linkin park at biscuit are Seen, and valid

If you decide that some people aren’t worth having support you because they’re shitty in some way or another you’ve lost about 90% of the working class in America because pretty much everyone in this country is transphobic in some way or another. American leftists have the same insufferable self-righteousness the liberals do - they don’t want to win, they want to look down and tell other people how good and smart they are instead. It’s pathetic and cowardly, the product of generations of settler mythology, but it gives these people a little glimpse of something they can never really have in America: the idea that they’re important, that they matter at all.

joe rogan is a transphobic piece of shit but twitter leftists melting down over bernie making the most milquetoast tweet showing that rogan endorsed him is the most self-defeating bullshit in the world and they all deserve Biden winning the nomination and losing to Trump lmao

everybody complaining about the crack dealers along 3rd avenue in seattle has obviously never tried to do anything fun for less than 10 dollars in this town

I'm happy for Dan Ryckert's dream job at the Saudi Royal Family Propaganda Wing

if you have MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3 on NINTENDO SWITCH please message me and we'll play ok

glad wow classic exists so people will have context for this image again

been studying maps of iran and i dont know if the troops are gonna be able to handle this one,

this site should crowdfund an 8bitdo sn30 pro+ for me so i can play marvel ultimate alliance 3 with my partner

if youre going to spend 100 minutes watching something go watch Predator instead of contrapoints' whining about being internet bullied

I’d like to note that the US probably just started a war because 1 private contractor got killed and we blew up 25 iraqi militia guys in response, so they attacked our embassy in baghdad, and our genius brain response to that was to blow up the #1 military guy in iran lmao. when this war inevitably gets hundreds of thousands of innocent people in iraq and iran killed it’ll all be over a single fucking mercenary

bro...i stayed up 5 days on speed and got increasingly powerful each passing day...this is how i see the World now...

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