Tonight on stream, I'm giving away Charmanders with Amazing level IVs!

Watch "Why "Hearing Both Sides" Is Dangerous" on YouTube

This is an excellent video, I highly recommend a watch.

Anyone who doesn't support the railworkers in this current strike is dead to me.

When your anxiety is so high you can't focus on your mathematics.

Having one of those days where my brain wants me to be very self-destructive. Looks like not doing that is where all my energy is going today.

I had another nightmare about my father last night. I wish my mother could leave him, we all deserve better. Her especially.

When you and your siblings are talking and you realize that you're probably all autistic and never got tested for it because your father is the kind of person who doesn't believe in therapy or mental health or anything that isn't "lift weights, big muscle, read books, mint nft"

I hate my father. This next hex goes out to him.

TheWitchPunk :vf: channeled

In short, The Satanic Temple is:
- ineffective at what it promises to do
- opaque in regards to its finances
- structured to be internally authoritarian with unaccountable leadership; and
- its two owners have troubling interests that show up in TST's work repeatedly

But when it comes to The Satanic Temple, there's always more and it's always worse.

Is it bad that I don't post witchy stuff super often?

As a streamer, I'm super picky about brands I'm willing to work with. I only advertise things I like and use. I'm friggin' excited because I just got an email that I'm now a DM's Guild affiliate!

Going live on Twitch soon! Playing the new Pokemon thanks to my amazing friend @Amethyst <3

@Amethyst is super awesome and cool, you should follow her and tune in to her Twitch streams.

Mentions of my own trauma 

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