Enter discipleship
every silicon valley freak wants to transition us to a society where nine nines of humanity has nothing but a backpack containing all their worldly possessions, with the backpack itself and everything in it leased from Sqobly, a Y Combinator startup innovating 'things as a service'

@the_dreaded_miss_skirt chasing venture capital by going after that 6th 9 in my new things as a service Blopi, which has premium, Executive backpacks, and ghost writing think pieces on inc, medium, fast company, the wsj, and a new york times business bestseller about how basically anyone without a Blopi is a scrublord shithead and worst of all, inefficient and insufficiently productive enough to be happy

@the_dreaded_miss_skirt JAFAR: you wanted to abolish private property? I'll show you just how abolisssssssshed it can BE!

@maura_m this is personal property its different bro please bro private property and personal property are different things please
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