*she-ra theme 'we're going to win in the end' voice* we're going to think about eggs~

*gently mists you with a spray bottle so you will grow up strong and healthy*

if azula was as buff and fire-crowned as solomon david from k6bd, would that be messed up or what

are chocobos that go 'kweh' and chocobos that go 'wark' the same species #ffxiv
( n ) A tough guy. Max is just another bimbo who goes around trying to pick fights in bars.

love when 1910s slang circles around to being 2020s shitpost

Ra Ra Rasputin,
It is the monoene of Teflon!

Ra Ra Rasputin,
Decomposes rapidly;
Unsaturated fluorocarbon!


catmoth gently lapping at water pooled in a buttercup
catmoth eating your sweaters, not for sustenance but for attention
*cher believe voice* could you retooooot and like all my posts
https://mastodon.social/@ppng/103455957793236435 see this is the kind of thing i'm talking about. making serious accusations and, when pressed, admitting that this is all about clout
the term "abuser" gets thrown around too much but that's exactly what people who use the language of social justice to maintain close-range social dominance are
every silicon valley freak wants to transition us to a society where nine nines of humanity has nothing but a backpack containing all their worldly possessions, with the backpack itself and everything in it leased from Sqobly, a Y Combinator startup innovating 'things as a service'
1980s-90s: grey static
2000s: unbroken blue
2010s: settings menu with inline ads
thinkin about the fantasy peasants who use respec potions recreationally
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