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Reminder: Elon Musk did not found Tesla Motors. He bought the company from its founders and as a part of the deal he purchased the title, “founder.” The actual founders are contractually forbidden from referring to themselves as founders.

Elon Musk is worse than an entrepreneur. He’s cosplaying an entrepreneur. He’s pure finance. The embodiment of credit. An utter void emanating dollar signs and failure in his wake.

Watch the video of his "demonstration" and see that it's a fiction. It's hyperreality. Listen to the friendly laughter. Ask the question. Why is the audience not throwing tomatoes and leaving the room?

Because Elon Musk is not an inventor making a presentation to his investors and his bosses. He's the boss. This is a LARP. The audience is actors. But they're not very convincing because they're not professional actors. They're just his employees expected to play a role, which they instinctively do. A real audience would express revulsion. This audience expresses convivial customer service for their client, Elon Musk.


Watch the moment of humanity when Franz drops kayfabe for a moment and asks Elon, "Are you sure?"

Franz hasn't tried this before, so he hesitates -- a normal human reaction. He wants to save Elon the potential embarrassment when it maybe doesn't work. He also wants the audience to know that he's actually not sure if it will work so that the blame doesn't fall on him.

Franz has experienced consequence before in his life. He knows that if you're going to make a presentation you should practice it a few times first. Elon doesn't know this because he's a spoiled twit and there has never been any consequence for any choice he's ever made in his life.

Here and now in late capitalism everything is upside down. The bosses pretend to be workers. The workers pretend to be bosses. Nobody is what they appear to be. But no one is really convincing. We're actors portraying a role. We all know it's a show.

The show is coming to an end soon.

@tesseract no hE Is FuTUrE oF mAnKinD tesla about to make space hooks

@tesseract I hope so. I’m not so sure. They said the show was coming to an end in Rome circa 300 CE, too, but it only rotted into feudalism.

@tesseract except that they actually did several test runs before and the disbelief and caution is fabricated as well. For all we know, the actual failure of the glass might have been a calculated risk as well. It’s great publicity either way after all..

@moritzheiber I don’t actually believe that this GIF was produced before Elon’s Failure Show. For all we know they made this afterwards with a prop car. They are well known liars after all...

@tesseract standing up and throwing tomatoes is not a normal or reasonable reaction tho

@xj9 You’re right. Guillotining the man would be much more natural.

@xj9 I agree. Elon Musk must be stopped before he kills again.

@xj9 Ah. You disagree. You think Elon Musk’s wage theft, union busting, other crimes, and his trail of death are fine.

@xj9 Ah, so you don’t want Elon Musk to be held accountable for the death and misery he’s responsible for. I understand you now.

@tesseract i don't believe i said that. i'd be interested in seeing some proof to back up these statements tho. elon musk isn't someone i pay a lot of attention to so i honestly don't know what he's been doing.

@xj9 Wage theft, union busting, and selling people self driving cars that don’t work and crash into people, killing them.


unions have been severely declawed in the united states. please try a different tactic. also:

cooperatives > unions

type 2 and 3 vehicles are very dangerous because people generally can't be trusted not to overestimate the ability of the car to handle itself.


lots of people to blame for this, these types of cars shouldn't be allowed on the road. if tesla meets the existing safety standards then the standards probably need to be revisited. the whole approach to automated cars seems kind of... reckless imo.
@xj9 @tesseract Holy shit what the fuck happened here "the only way to stop someone by indirectly harming others is by killing them"

@xmakina lol, thanks.

I mean, at least Steve Jobs built computers. He's also a capitalist pig but he could, you know, *do things*. Elon Musk is just LARPing as Steve Jobs and he's not even good at LARPing.

@tesseract I screenshotted this onto tumblr and it's already exceeded 32000 notes 😮

so, a Scorching Take

@otatma I’ve never tumblr’ed. I guess that number is good?

@tesseract eh. coupla orders of magnitude more than any of my posts got over the past ten years.

@tesseract do other capitalists do any different? we're just willing to poke so much more at Elon Musk because he embarrasses himself in public.

they don't know what they're doing and they don't care, so long as they profit. when Elon Musk loses $750M in a day, that's pocket change to him and he doesn't care, cause he'll get billions more out of the workers he exploits.

@tesseract lmao I didn't know that but it fucking figures

@tesseract this is misinfo but okay. (Not the fact that he didnt found it but everything else)

@tesseract Not that I disbelieve you because I 100% don't, but do you know where I can find something to back this up?

Some of my family are fans of Musk and they would totally push back on this claim if I made it so I'd like to be able to support it :)

@witchfynder_finder @tesseract Apparently the original founders regained the right to the title of founder after filing suit, but before that the contract didn't allow them to: cnet.com/news/tesla-motors-fou

@witchfynder_finder @tesseract It is not exactly correct either. For reference on the background of Tesla Inc. I can recommend this piece wired.com/2009/06/tesla-founde

@qcat @witchfynder_finder @tesseract the way i see it, fame comes from the spectacle, and the spectacle largely follows money that wants to be seen.

Also though providing material easily converted in cheapo commentariat videos/articles.. It's just "captaaains of industry" stuff.

@tesseract Straubel and Rosen (of failed startup Rosen Motors) picked up a ragtag group of solar car engineers from Stanford, convinced them a car could run on Lithium Ion batteries, and went around shopping for investors. In fall of 2003 he met Elon near SpaceX HQ. Elon gave them $100k to start playing with battery tech.

Eberhard and Tarpenning sold NuvoMedia and wanted to build an EV. They founded Tesla Motors on July 1 2003. They had nothing but a name.

Eberhard and Tarpenning seeked out Elon because there were rumors he was interested in building electric cars. Elon dropped 6.5M into Tesla Motors (which was nothing but a name on paper) which made him the largest shareholder and chairman.

Elon then told Eberhard and Tarpenning that Straubel up the street had a head start on the battery tech they needed. Straubel joined Tesla Motors.

That's it. That's the story. Stop spreading this bullshit. Tesla Motors would have been nothing without money, and Eberhard has said "I was shameless" in looking for investors. They had the name but nothing else. No car, no motor tech, no battery tech. Just because Elon's name wasn't on the Tesla Motors paperwork when they filed doesn't mean he shouldn't have the title of "founder" for Tesla.

@feld @tesseract But that's what founder means. He could call himself "investor" or "shareholder" or say he took an existing business and made it successful. But he didn't "found" it... which is probably why he had to put it in the contract.

Now, we could argue instead that "founder" doesn't mean that much in terms of contribution. But that is besides the point, because the entire thing is about a Narrative and Musk wanted that one title to build it.

@eldaking @tesseract Have you ever registered a company before? There is no line that says "founder" on it. "Founder" is not a legal term. President and Principal? Shareholder and Director and Officer? Yes.

And why are you attacking Elon over this and not Straubel or Wright who were also not there when Tesla was incorporated and were part of the lawsuit in 2009? They also won the right to publicly use the term "founder".

If you're gonna take the time to disparage Elon at least pick something constructive.

@feld @eldaking You’re right. Then problem is larger than Elon Musk. We must dissolve capitalism completely.

@tesseract @eldaking ok cool but also Elon never purchased the "founder" title as you claim, so it would help if your criticisms of Elon or capitalism were accurate so you can be taken seriously.

Yes capitalism has run amok and we need to do something about it. No Elon not a fraud. Yes Elon is probably an asshole.

We were having these same discussions 20 years ago about Steve Jobs.

@feld @eldaking The company existed before Elon Musk was a part of it any sense. He bailed out the company financially during the 2008 financial crisis. He did not found the company in any normal sense of the word.

@tesseract @eldaking Here's a DRM-free copy of the bio written by Ashlee Vance which Elon did *not* want him to write, but eventually relented and cooperated. Read it. Get your details and timelines straight. THEN come back and shitpost about Elon. Until then, stop this nonsense or you just look like a raving lunatic that can't get their basic facts right. Every time someone behaves this way it undermines the entire foundation of the criticism.

It's OK to shit on capitalism. It's OK to shit on billionaires. It's NOT OK to post factually incorrect data and make us all look like idiots. This seriously injures the credibility of anyone wanting a more socialist society because we all get written off as crazy.

@tesseract @eldaking sorry for the dupes i was getting errors when posting :)

@tesseract @feld @eldaking

Definitely. We should absolutely dissolve the system responsible for lifting billions out of poverty and which led to the highest standard of living in human history and immediately replace it with, what.. communism I suppose?

Yeah, that’ll work out great. I mean, it always has before, right? :ablobrollingeyes:

@wolfie @feld @tesseract @eldaking this "system responsible for lifting billions out of poverty" sounds like a good candidate for a capitalism replacement

@amsomniac @feld @tesseract @eldaking

this “system responsible for lifting billions out of poverty” sounds like a good candidate for a capitalism replacement

That system is capitalism.

@wolfie @feld @tesseract @amsomniac @eldaking Maybe some socialism mixed in there would help the rest of the people in poverty that capitalism doesn't lift out

@jookia @feld @tesseract @amsomniac @eldaking

Meh, socialism is really good at causing drag in the system as it were. There are other ways to accomplish such goals. That said, a bit out of scope at the moment :blobsmile:

@wolfie @amsomniac @eldaking @tesseract you mean the same system that does everything in its power to not pay people a living wage?

You mean the same system that literally invented slavery?

I think people forget what capitalism really is. Those who say socialism/communism killed more people are twisting facts and history.


- sweat shops
- slavery
- making people homeless and starving when not necessary
- denying people healthcare so they die
- #1 cause of pollution which kills people every day (air quality kills people every day; doesn't have to be toxic sludge or radioactive materials; it's less profitable to choose environmentally friendly approaches)
- the reason why America's food is terrible causing diabetes and heart disease at alarming rates

I could go on and on.

When you look at capitalism through a very narrow lens it seems like the best solution to everything. We should instead be treating capitalism like the danger it is and carefully regulating it to prevent this stuff.

A better balance that still promotes innovation can be achieved. We aren't even trying. We gave up around 1970.

@feld @amsomniac @eldaking @tesseract

you mean the same system that does everything in its power to not pay people a living wage?

Yes, I mean the system that pays people what their labor is worth. As unpopular as it is to say, flipping burgers is not worth $15USD (or whatever the local currency equivalent is) an hour. Want to make more money? One should improve their skills. My goodness, it has never been easier in history to learn new things and pick up new skills.

You mean the same system that literally invented slavery?

Huh, wasn’t aware that capitalism went back to ancient Egypt or even before. Or did you think that slavery just simply didn’t exist prior to the 18th century or so? Slavery is awful and an affront to all humankind, however it was neither invented by nor made worse by capitalism.

You want to say that people forget what capitalism is and then that people who say that communism et al killed off more people is just twisting facts and history. Then off you list off a bunch of capitalism’s supposed terrible evils.

Even if we pretend that they’re all true, they aren’t but lets just pretend, none of them are inherent in the system nor a direct result of the guiding principals and ideas of the system. On the other hand, the hundred odd million dead or more that can be laid at the feet of communism are a direct result of the core principals and ideas of the system. For all its ills, capitalism doesn’t generally result in famines, forced labor, mass land evictions, totalitarianism and of course, failed governments. There are reasons communist governments tend to be highly oppressive authoritarian regimes.

People flee communist regimes and risk life and limb to get out and into the Capitalist hell-scape you seem to think exists. People build makeshift rafts to leave Cuba, not go to it. Why is that?

I could go on myself. However, I’ll just toss it over to history. No system is perfect. No implementation of any imperfect system will be perfect itself. However, one system or set of systems has reliably lead to mass death, starvation, oppression (for real oppression, not the pseudo-oppression people whine about from time to time), and worse. One system invariably leads to poverty and stagnation for the masses. The other has lifted more people out of poverty in less time than anything else in history. One leads to true concentration of wealth and power in the hands of those fortunate enough to be part of the State apparatus. The other may result in billionaires, but it also results in millions being far better off as well.

There is also supreme irony in bemoaning the evils of capitalism on the Internet, from a highly advanced computer or mobile, and so on. The only thing that would make it better is if you’re connecting from an iPhone or Mac :laughing_cirno:

@wolfie @amsomniac @eldaking @tesseract I'm on my phone so it's a pain in the ass to respond inline so I'll keep this short:

You're punching above your weight here. If there's anyone benefitting from capitalism here it's me. I'm definitely in the top 1% of people here in the Fediverse right now. Yes I'm responding from my iPhone/Mac in my Tesla. That doesn't matter. You can enjoy the fruits of capitalism while still criticism going the terrible issues it's causing.

Slavery -- nobody enslaves people for anything but profit -- either financially or from the fruits of their labor in some other way. That's the point. It doesn't have to be modern free market capitalism. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

And you're a disgusting human being if you think any job should exist in our modern society that for 40 hours a week pays less than required to pay their rent and for their food and healthcare. That's a position of monsters and fascists. I'm not saying we need $15 universally -- honestly it should be indexed to the cost of living or some other appropriate metric. It's a big country.

Finally, if you think modern capitalism is anything but slavery for much of the workforce you are delusional. When people cannot quit their jobs and are held hostage by their employer for their housing and healthcare there is no difference. They just aren't being physically abused. (Usually... still happens! And sexually and emotionally, etc)

You need to do a lot of growing up, kid.
@wolfie @amsomniac @eldaking @tesseract additionally:

People who are working three jobs just to scrape by don't have the luxury of free time to learn a new skill. They can't take shortcuts in their life. They're cooking meals which take time because they can't afford to order out. They have kids. They're taking public transport which further eats into their free time. They have limited data plans and maybe no internet at home.

You're speaking from a place of privilege.

@feld @eldaking @wolfie @tesseract this, and even if you do have the time to learn new skills good luck getting a job without credentials, networking, and lots of luck, assuming you're even in an area with a lot of jobs.

Let's do build a system that pays people what their labor is worth and lifts us out of poverty, though! Your intentions are in the right place even if you mistook capitalism for something good. I've been there, I think many of us have...

@amsomniac @eldaking @wolfie @tesseract honestly my tax liability could increase by $50k and it wouldn't affect my quality of life. I'd write that check today if it meant we cover public universities and healthcare. My friends and family need it. And the reality is that any legislation to cover those wouldn't raise my taxes by $50k anyway. That's where we are at in this country: there are so many _actually_ rich people paying low taxes that even well to do people like myself would barely be affected
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