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@anna lol Bill Gates doesn’t even have a pretend job anymore

@tesseract @anna I thought it was crying about how he will lose money if he’s taxed more. 🤷‍♀️

@Lexilaughs @tesseract also the "charitable institution" that is advancing the cause of looting public schools for private profit via charter schools

@anna @Lexilaughs I’m just gonna jump in and say that some charter schools are great, and ordinary public schools are also being looted for private profit and have been for a long time via the textbook racket, sports stadiums and equipment, etc...

@tesseract @anna @Lexilaughs I'd say there's an equal number of "good" charter schools as there are "good" private prisons. They both have the same objective, despite what they might put on paper, $$$. Both treat vulnerable people as commodities.

@tesseract @Seafoam666 @anna I would agree, my school provided a very good education that placed an emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration and public speaking skills. Yes it was a charter school funded by the Gates, and it’s job was more or less to mold us into capitalists, though it was the only education I’ve had and I was able to build a career off the education I received.

@Lexilaughs @Seafoam666 @anna Yes. The charter system can be, and is frequently, abused. You can also have a charter school that is a happy, revolutionary place for children. And frankly building a revolutionary school is much more possible in a charter than it is in a standard public school.

@tesseract @Lexilaughs @anna when we have that revolutionary charter school opens, let me know

@Seafoam666 @tesseract @anna
There are different structures for charter schools, some of them are public and others private. The private ones are largely what you’re talking about.
I actually went to a charter, it was a new tech founded by the Gates, yet was a part of the public school district.
It was an excellent school.

@Seafoam666 @tesseract @anna
It followed project based learning as opposed to standard sit in a desk and listen learning. We were graded on our presentations by professors from the local university, and learned how to work in groups, use technology efficiently, research, problem solve, present to large audiences, and many more skills that translated well in life.
We were allowed to explore thought freely, and received a well rounded education. Every class was structured around project based learning.
It was pretty different from standard public schooling, yet was a public school. The worst part about it was being a charter it had entry requirements.

@Lexilaughs @tesseract @anna I was thinking about this more, and I was wrong to equate most charters with private prisons. I was throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Still, I am not the first person to make the analogy, and the charters that are bad, are really really bad.

@tesseract @anna @Lexilaughs I wasn't slandering the teachers, I blame the administration. Here in Michigan our charters close 2 weeks before graduation because they aren't profitable and tell the kids who would have graduated to "figure it out".

@Seafoam666 @tesseract @anna @Lexilaughs ok boomer. the charter school i went to was a safe space away from the toxicity and set in stone curriculum of public schools.

@Seafoam666 @tesseract @anna @Lexilaughs I actually don't tend to read much due to ADHD, and don't really see how that's a good insult to throw around? disabilities and whatnot.

@AshleyStoleYourGF @tesseract @anna @Lexilaughs I have ADHD, too and don't read a ton. Wasn't trying to mock disabilities just saying that there the studies, statistics, don't shine brightly on charter schools

@Seafoam666 @tesseract @anna @Lexilaughs alright, but comparing them to private prisons was my main issue with your statement. the implication being that good charter schools just dont exist, because good private prisons dont exist. and yknow, comparing schools to institutions designed to enslave black people.

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