y'all really putting the squeeze on me to defend state capitalism against the gamers god dammit

never forget bush did 9/11 and hong kong protestors are funded by the burgoeise afraid china is going to take their slaves, the cia, and fascists, so even if you dont like the chinese government, which, fair enough, maybe consider pretty much everything is fash horseshit before getting too wrapped up in a particular side

hot take version: there's a lot of great reasons to boycott blizzard but im not too gung ho on cancelling them for telling someone to not use their platform to regurgitate cia propaganda :blobcatsip:

@anna I don't even use Bilzzard and I know next to nothing about Hong Kong but this sounds right to me. If means a socialist revolution in Hong Kong today, great. If it means to stop China because British Capitalism is better, um...

@anna If we could refrain from jumping on slogans developed by the CIA instantly before learning the first thing about a situation that would be great.

Experts on Hong Kong please comment. (This implies if you're not an expert on Hong Kong maybe don't).

@tesseract yeah im not backing a particular side because i dont understand it all the way, ~*both sides*~ are being suspiciously shitty so im defaulting to stanning neither unless i get good info that compels me to take one

Enter discipleship

@anna Yeah. I really don't know enough about Hong Kong to speak meaningfully on the topic.

But I *do* know enough about the USA to know that when Americans start chanting to Free some place the next thing that happens is half of them are burned alive.

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