Enter discipleship

I realize some parts of Star Trek are a sign of the times or whatever but I appreciate the episode where they just dunk on Ayn Rand where the vampire looking villain is named Galt.

@tesseract I watched this one the other night. Do you really think so?

@interneteh I mean, Galt buys and sells people to compete in pointless bloodsport for the entertainment of inhuman monsters who bid on it like stocks. Naming him Galt makes it all too obvious.

@tesseract the thought had occurred to me too. Very cool if so

@interneteh I mean, Even without the name it’s an obvious inditement of capitalism and slavery. Throwing the name Galt on it is just showing off.

@tesseract nice harness kirk, go to any s&m clubs lately

@tesseract I am happy to not know enough rand lore to know how the name Galt implies her, but hey, fuck her anyways.

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