Rune-enchanted cant

If you are here to promote capitalist politicians, then we’re not gonna be mufos.

Rune-enchanted cant

I just want you to know that Star Wars is bad and Ewoks are good and I have no plans to resolve the contradiction.


Looking forward to A Very Dickens Christmas, where we do just like in the book, scare rich people shitless.

this new exhibition at the British Museum, the world's biggest repository of stolen items, sure is looking ~ interesting ~

I am immediately suspicious when you qualify the word capitalism — Casino capitalism, Carnival capitalism, Hyper-capitalism. It implies that there is a version of capitalism which is good, minus the casino-crony-hyper-whatever. It’s reformism.

P.S. I like casinos, carnivals, and being hyperactive.

When I was a kid, getting an “error” baseball card was an extremely cool thing to happen — a card which was rare because it had some mistake on it which was later corrected.

There should be error Tarot cards.

Canus is the doggie genus
Kitty cats are feline
Nicholas Tartaglione
Murdered Jeffrey Epstein

Pro-ICE rally in Maine today, ec, funny af 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself by wrapping a prison bedsheet which is as thin as toilet paper around his neck and then tying the other end to a bedpost and leaning off of the bed hard enough to break bones because that is something that no person could possibly do

Jawas will steal your shit and then sell it back to you while shrieking at you — the perfect Capitalists.

If I understand the timeline correctly, The Mandalorian happens some time A.Y.N.? (After Yub Nub?)

The Mandalorian establishes that Life Day was not just a fever dream. Life Day is real.

Poe Dameron is pansexual and this is canon now. “Every relationship with Poe has a sexual element. It’s just kind of the way it is.”

My new volume pedal is here. I will buy anything that glows in the dark.

@ItsJenNotGabby somebody told their grandpa it means you like dairy queen

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