Rune-enchanted cant

I just want you to know that Star Wars is bad and Ewoks are good and I have no plans to resolve the contradiction.

if the people that go on white-saviour volunteering holidays really wanted to help they would just stay home and give the people who live there the travel money

You build a time machine. It works! You go to the year 2500. It’s Animal Crossing. The entire world is just Animal Crossing. There is no explanation and no one remembers that the world was ever any other way.

My primary schools official song (1) 

“Crystals don’t actually do anything,” I mutter now that you’re balancing a large uncut chunk of quartz on your head and two hematite pyramids in your outstretched hands standing naked on my basement altar to Baphomet. “Also Baphomet is fake,” as Baphomet plays Pokemon in the attic, which sadly you can’t hear.

spotted: a 90 year old man wearing an aphex twin shirt

this is the gamer girl bath water girl btw so im convinced shes just takin the piss outta thirsty gamerbros




re: jacobin article, labor power + renter power 

Regardless of the veracity of The Tale Of The Encounter With Corn Pop, a story about a wise white man with a chain subduing a violent black man for money is not a story anyone should be celebrating in 2019 in the USA. And an adult should definitely not tell it where children might hear it.

Joe Biden thinks he can subdue vile gangsters with nothing but a rusty old chain but only Princess Leia can do that.

Joe wrote an Edgar Rice Burroughs story where Joe travels to a strange alien land and the only thing the savage locals understand is a show of force, which he wisely provides, and which they thank him for, and then they make him their leader.



The orange moonrise was amazing last night. Soon the leaves will fall. And before you know it, it’ll be time to vore a snowman.

Hot Take: Funny liberal Make ______ Great Again hats are not funny except inasmuch as they show the limits of liberal creativity.

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