Rune-enchanted cant

"Multitudes" is an overstatement. I contain seven, eight at most

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Live like you're Jack Black
Love like you're Jack Black
Dance like nobody else is Jack Black because you are

Rune-enchanted cant

Writing a sci-fi thriller set after the communist revolution with a self-insert protagonist who is on the run from society because they refuse to give up thanking God it's Friday. That character's name? Joe America

Rune-enchanted cant

I just saw a CW that said "it's getting gross" and, quite literally, rubbed my hands together and said "oh ho HOH" to myself

telling men off for infantalising women when they call us 'chicks'. telling them to call us 'birds' instead. we're adults, ffs.


The Mastodons have signed:

#85 LHRP @tessaracked

We are at 16/21 on the roster. Still need:

- 1 backup catcher;
- 2 more utility players;
- 2 relief pitchers!

I'm going to be able to travel to #Pittsburgh in September for #PleaseTryThisAtHome, "A collaborative conference about the intersections of radical bodily autonomy and biotechnology.​"

the writer of the biggest tv show ever made saying "themes are for eighth grade book reports" is the natural end result of the literalist approach to fiction which has grown in influence over the last two decades and is a direct result of the ever-increasing size of media conglomerates and the abandonment of humanities education

My favorite thing about going to gay bars is that it reminds me that people were gay before me and they will be gay after me. No matter how many times people say weird shit about the trendiness of sexuality or gender or whatever you can say no! Here is this space that I can physically enter and touch the walls and feel the queer energy pulsing through the walls deeply, deeply.

People fell in love here and broke up here and fell into bed here. People broke hearts here and cheated here and made deep and lasting friendships here. People organized here and rallied here and cried here and built community here. And you can feel it when you press your palm against the wall and breath in. You can, you can, you will.

Lewd adjacent, tmi 

i am extremely proud of every trans person who came out over the last year. i am also very proud of cis people who had a questioning phase over the last year and realized they *weren't* trans. i love you all so much

mastodon is a muppets movie and eugen is the only character played by a human and not by a muppet

Acting is the best thing and auditioning is the worst thing

Coal miners in Harlan County started to block the train carrying its coal.
Reason for doing so is that the company holds back their money, for being bankrupt, meanwhile it's CEO Jeff Hoops building a $30 million resort.

Anarchists and eco-radicals, most of them trans*, joined to support them and to build long term relations.

here an interview:

I actually had a positive thought about an Internet rationalist recently. she wrote a Tumblr post that was like "listen I'm not trying to claim being polyamorous makes me queer, I'm just saying that there are material barriers to access which impede queer people and poly people in related ways"

and Wow, What An Breath of Fresh Aire!

"somebodys got a case of the mondays!" i bellow, kicking in door after door, swinging my machete wildly at empty air, sucking humid air through clenched teeth, sure as the grave that those i hunt lurk around the next carpeted hallway corner

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