Rune-enchanted cant

I have two kids. One of each gender: one "both" and one "neither."

As more and more kids are not shoved in to closets by their well-meaning parents, we'll only be seeing more and more kids embracing their authentic selves.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of nonbinary fiction for kids. We see some LGBT young adult fiction, but far less for the younger set.

Did you know that National Novel Writing Month starts in November? There's plenty of time to prepare.

I'm going to pin this. That means if you read this in mid-November, you'll have almost a year to prepare! (Assuming you don't think you can write a book before then.)

I do wish people focused on the problem.

So what, she was in to something you think is weird. Big fucking deal.

The problem was that she was a fucking racist.

I can't deal with this whole "I don't understand it so I'm going to hate on it" bull shit.

I'll be back when this place is less toxic to stuff folks don't understand.

@Mikoto I absolutely appreciate your effort and will probably have nightmares tonight.
I mean I'm not gonna like actively stop it from becoming human if it wants but I'm just saying it's outside of the usual scope of things that cities do
detroit can't become human it's a city it's very difficult for a city to become human

"Listening" requires a certain amount of empathy. You're not automatically "listening" to a marginalised group just because you read their posts or follow them. You listen when you check your priviliege and try to see the world from their perspective.

weight watchers, ed, kid's app 

my house might not be "smart", but at least it's not a fucking narc

From left to right: Destiny, Panda, Kitty.
Panda isn’t all black, but she mostly is!
#Caturday #BlackCatAppreciationDay

(better caption) me, laying down while i think about all my life choices

I guess I missed a lot of shit last night.

For the record, I'm a white cismale. I know I have a lot of privilege. I try to listen and amplify other's voices. I get shit wrong a lot, but I'm big on self-improvement. I own my mistakes, and I learn.

The world is a weird place. I've got no problem with astral pregnancies and spirit husbands. If that's your thing, that's cool.

Racist shit, though? I don't have to put up with it. The "server rules" will forbid racist shit on any instance I'm ever going to use. Blocking and reporting is easy.

Hey, everyone! While I’m settling into my new place and trying to get work that pays, I need $75 to pay my phone bill. My Venmo is FarahT, and my Paypal is:

i believe in robust public transit, which is why my fursona is a catbus

So after being homeless for 5 months and unable to obtain housing my family decided to relocate from Minnesota. We are currently traveling, visiting with relatives and relying on crowd funding to get us to our next destination. Please share donate. Help a homeless Native mother of twins and a Disablsd Native with diabetes, neuropathy and charcot foot to relocate for stability.

Release your inner tiger with this catnip-scented nipple balm! Prevents chafing and as a bonus, you’ll have a herd of cats following you as you run your marathon!

talking abt blocking ppl online has gotta be real weird for magic the gathering players

wait what do you mean i can't cast combat tricks in response to them declaring blocks? what if i destroy their blocker, do i stay blocked or does the damage go through as if my bad takes had trample?

I'm a parent. I love my kids.

I actively recommend people get pets instead of children if they can avoid it.

I don't care about the survivability of my genetic code. Biological reproduction is a poor strategy for the survivability for any of my best traits.

5 kids that have 5 kids that have 5 kids that have 5 kids that have 5 kids is 3,125 descendants, of which my genes are probably irrelevant. My "great ideas" if not written down? Lost much earlier.

One an "unsuccessful" song or story can surpass 3k fans. Getting 10x that still isn't really a success.

Anything you create or nurture is your baby. Anything. (That includes tamagotchi.)

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