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The Fall 2022 class cycle is starting Nov 21st!

Information on the Psychic Development 101, Psychic Development 102, and Magic & Witchcraft 101 classes and how to register can be found here:

Deadline to register is Nov 14th.

Some info on the classes:

#MutualAidRequest #mutualaid

The friend that I posted about earlier got her bills paid--thank you!!

Ofc now her fridge is dying and she needs a new one before they lose all of the food in it. She plans to get a used fridge for around $400-500. The sooner, the better.

She's a Black disabled mom of two kids whose husband suffered from a heart attack and a stroke, they lost their main source of income when he became unable to work. Please help however you can:

LGBTQ: It's pride month, are you an ally?
Brands: Of course! :prideflag: :prideheart: :progresspride: :transheart:
LGBTQ: They're literally killing us, are you an ally?
Brands: No :prideflag: :prideheart: :progresspride: :transheart:

TFW your nation has so long been a white supremacist state, it doesn't have the courage or foresight to confront fascists.


A longtime internet friend has fallen on hard times. Her husband was the main income source and suffered a massive stroke. She's a Black disabled mom with two kids.

She's facing eviction and the loss of internet access, which would remove her chances of getting any aid at all.

Please help. Share widely and donate whatever you can:

#MutualAidRequest #mutualaid

People are too in love with the myth of our history vs our actual history.

The Many Problems With Learning Pagan History Online:

#wicca #wiccan #witch #witchcraft #Pagan #paganism #polytheism

If you’re having issues logging into Twitter, try deleting your account

Calan Mai. Beltane. May Day.

The day of gathering garlands. The day of rutting in the meadows. The dancing round the pole. The day of kindled fires. The sheep & cattle driven out for summer. The sacrifices offered. Robin & Marian, Green Man & May Queen, mirrored shadows echoing back to a tale of gods whose names are stripped away but which my body somehow remembers.

All things are beautiful & dangerous on this day. All things are rite. Life erupts in its rapturous violence. Workers rise as kings are burned. All things are good this day— hail the May, hail the May, hail the May.

:invertedpentagram: :ms_candle: :GreenMan3: 🌹 :empress_tarot_card:

@anna How do I send you screenshots to report an account on here?

I'm still gathering all of the screenshots but honestly everything I have already is pretty telling. There's nothing more to gather at this point.

And a LOT of you are following her, including a fair amount of fellow trans and/or non-binary folk

The person is also following other terfs on Twitter too. Not just a few tweets or likes type of terfs but ones where their entire account is focused on it

Hey folks, I don't like doing callouts or whatever but someone I just blocked on here and have mutuals with is actually a terf.

Please message me if you want to know who. I can happily provide screenshots from Twitter to show where this is coming from.

ATTN folks who signed up for the Spring 2023 class cycle:

I just sent out emails with instructions on how to attend the course. If you don't receive it by tomorrow, please reach out to me and I'll get you set up.

One more week before registration closes on the Spring 2023 cycle of my psychic development and witchcraft classes at Tea Addicted Witch!

The lessons are prerecorded and closed captioned, released weekly for about 11-12 weeks per class. Discussions take place in Google classrooms which will remain open indefinitely once the class is over so that people can review the material whenever they want.

Classes start April 17th.

More information including how to register here:

#witchcraft #witch #pagan #wicca #paganism #magic #ritual #spiritwork #energywork #psychicdev #psychicdevelopment #classes

Registration for my classes on witchcraft and psychic dev ends two weeks from tomorrow!

I have three available: Psychic Development 101, Psychic Development 102, and Magic & Witchcraft 101. They go for about 11-12 weeks each with a new lesson released each week. Discussions take place in a private Google classroom that will remain open indefinitely to review material whenever you want.

More information here:

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message to cis people about Trans Day of Visibility tomorrow 


Especially my Witch, Pagan, Polytheist, and Occultist friends...

Did you know that there is an online news journal covering our communities, that has been around for almost 20 years?

It's called The Wild Hunt, and it's worth checking regularly!

I've been reminded lately, that what I tend to think of as common knowledge, is not always so... so I thought I'd share.

Bliss and Blessed Be,

#witch #pagan #polytheist #occult

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