Rune-enchanted cant

subtooting all my follow requests that are

  • 100% techbros with no other personality traits
  • proud owners of zero toots
  • sketchy lookin cishet dudes

yall arent welcome in the club, punks

However, if you are

  • gay
  • a wholesome parent (of kids OR animals)
  • anticapitalist as fuck
  • a cryptid or witch

i will gladly move the red rope for u because u are loved and welcomed here

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

oh my god! who's that?? omg look how pretty and wonderful this person is, here come on let me introduce u to them! *pushes u over so u can meet the wonderful person*

Rune-enchanted cant

are the crystal gems
we'll always save the day
and if you think we can't
always find a way

thats why the people
of this world
believe in...

Rune-enchanted cant

looking for a roommate in Arizona :boost_ok: 

US labor dep't endorsement of religious bigotry 

misgendering trans women :drake_dislike:

miss gendering trans women :drake_like:

i dont want to work today. customers who run the capitalist machine are transphobic and i can only hope that they all perish and i can get paid for doing nothing.

introducing my new cocktail, the die martini. you drink it and instantly drop dead. it is mostly poison

uwu is just awoo but real quiet so the cops don't hear

When someone else eats the last bit of cream cheese in the fridge

Before I go, this is how my headband fell yesterday hehe

"gee wouldnt it be awesome to be a guy who looks super beautiful but also constantly getting *accidentally* referred to as a woman,? like this character in a horny anime jrpg im playing?"

libra fire emblem was my trans awakening and i am horny for him

everyone: fire emblem three houses! fire emblem! three houses! FE: TH!

me: still thinkin about how hot libra from awakening is

computers should come with a little button so u can turn them off

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