Rune-enchanted cant

:8b_i: :archer_N: :lazer_T: :hacker_r: :jhg_o: (part 2: the reintro-ing) 

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

oh my god! who's that?? omg look how pretty and wonderful this person is, here come on let me introduce u to them! *pushes u over so u can meet the wonderful person*

Rune-enchanted cant

are the crystal gems
we'll always save the day
and if you think we can't
always find a way

thats why the people
of this world
believe in...

Rune-enchanted cant

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

honestly cis people should pay us for our daily performances of gender and applaud when we enter and leave the room.

If Drag Queen performance is art, then i am a masterpiece.

healthcare stuff 

normies: oh dont pirate stuff online! thats how u get viruses

me with ublock origin on advanced user settings and noscript: bitch watch me

Homelessness thoughts 

hey guys whats up

sent through us postal service july 3 @ 2 am

Petition to change the standard honorific from "sir/ma'am" to "friendo".

i was looking up the image i was thinking of and apparently tons of people made danny phantom x pokemon au fanart and im shaking

anyone else get flashbacks of danny phantom holding a pokeball bc it was supposed to be funny by 2010 standards but it really wasnt

using the power of friendship to destroy fascists

horny, cishet dunking 

old .social stuff 

I'd like to update my sexuality to bi but with the undertone that I mean werewolves *and* vampires kind of bi

i get in the shower but all the water keeps calling me a whore for being naked

the real struggle of being wlw is those urges to shave ur head off but ur not sure

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